You know summer has gone when you return from an evening mad dog walk and you opt for a hot chocolate rather than a cold drink. Tonight was back to back drinks, that’s proper chilly.

“Dad we should go for a really long walk. Take Captain Chaos with us.”

That’s a big call for Hawklad. That might mean lots of gates to navigate without touching, increases the risk of meeting others. Needs to be carefully mapped out and planned. So maybe we could try to walk a bit further on the evening walk. It’s definitely quiet and I know exactly where the gates are.

Maybe he is thinking about building bridges. Getting use to being out in the big bad world again.

“No Dad we need to go much further but definitely when it’s quiet. It’s nothing to do with meeting people again.”

Ok then we might need to get up at dawn. Does he want to go anywhere in particular.

Apparently not. He just wants a long walk. Maybe it’s just a fitness thing. Maybe he thinks the four legged one needs more exercise.

Apparently not as well. So why does he want the long walk. Actually he wants his longest ever walk.

“It’s really about you Dad”

Oh I never saw that coming. Is he thinking I need to get out more. Maybe start hill walking again.

“No Dad. I was thinking this afternoon about my longest ever. Do you remember it. You took me when I had just started school for a short walk on the army land. You got lost and didn’t bother bringing a map because you didn’t need one. 5 hours later we got back to the car. Do you remember it rained and I didn’t have my coat as you said that I didn’t need one. We didn’t have any food or water. At one stage a soldier told us get back on the path”

Oh yes I remember that….

“I was thinking that my longest ever walk should have a purpose and not just be about my Dad being a muppet.”

He knows me to well……

46 thoughts on “Longest

  1. How about taking gloves and doing a bit of Geocaching? You don’t need a GPS (although that would be helpful). Join up, log in, see where they are on the map and make notes to follow. When you find them, log the find in the cache and when you get home. No need to do swaps, but remember to take a pen though.

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      1. I’ve just decided this morning to put out three more Geocaches. Working on the exact location and description. All good ways of using up the early morning, before all the world wakes up and jobs have to be done. Then later I will place the caches. I have a few small squash bottles that would do nicely, once covered in camo. I thought perhaps starting at Hiraeth Cross as a place to park.
        51°51’29.6″N 4°39’19.3″W
        Placing three, as a mile walk in a triangle.


      2. I did Bookcrossig, the book version of geocaching, but never found any books I sought nor had any of mine tagged as found. Bit I found one “in the wild”!


  2. While camping in the mountains many years ago, Daughter and I decided to go for a hike. Once we got to the end of the trail where we’d usually turn around and go back, I saw another path headed generally towards the campsite. I suggested we follow the path… 8 miles later and nearly dark (did I mention the mountain lions in the area) we made it safely back to camp…
    I guess I’m a Muppet too🤪😂😂😂

    Gorgeous sky!! Wowza!

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  3. He’s funny… 🤣😂🤣😂🤣🤣 really funny. I laughed out load at this one. And I thpught I was simply going to comment how amazing that photo is. Well, the dynamic duo does make a great team. Great post both of you. ❤❤

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