There is something about this time of year. It just keeps on producing the most amazing mist covered skies. Almost as if the sky was an old watercolour art work.

We will ignore the absolutely sodden feet. Something about this time of year and wet socks as well….

The school term is well underway and finally a few subjects are providing some home materials for Hawklad. Certainly not the entire lesson but at least it’s something. One teacher even marked some work he had submitted and provided feedback. That’s a real start. But it all seems pretty disjointed and I get a sinking feeling – he is falling behind those in class. But at least it’s improving. I wonder if there is another reason for that.

Under the new Government Rules schools don’t notify parents if there are any in-class Covid cases. Lessons continue as normal without any additional precautions. Direct contacts with confirmed cases are NOT asked to isolate. It’s out of Headteachers hands now, external officials control the process. Those officials will not intervene until the number of cases escalate beyond thresholds set by the Government. So parents are kept in the dark and apparently should assume there is no news. Schools are completely safe.

Well a teacher accidentally let the cat out of the bag today with a stray email. The email talked about those unable to attend class due to having tested positive. In Hawklad’s class of 30 pupils, 6 are currently suffering with Covid. Those pupils sitting next to a confirmed case (that’s sat for hours, shoulder to shoulder with someone with Covid) are not traced. Mid last week all in the class had been given the all clear after the quick self testing process. A testing process which is not compulsory.

So I guess the reason for the improved home workload might just be that a sizeable proportion of the school are off…..

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  1. I can emphasize with this. I currently have 4 kids from elementary school up to high school currently in quarantine but they have work on iPads and it’s so much more difficult than just having paper work sadly :-/ I’m ready for our old normal

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  2. Yes. This is just going to start to keep happening more. My almost 3yo twin grandsons are now in preschool two days a week. We in the USA have been VERY slow to make children and young children a priority for vaccination. Which is odd because vaccinations were originally intended to protect children from deadly childhood diseases, and not really tested at all in old people, whose immune systems were never studied for response. Now it is different. I just really, really hope, we don’t see an uptick in really young children dying, before we change course.

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    1. It usually takes someone in government to have a relative really ill, for them to actually take the seriousness in. An Eton education usually means they’re taught to rise above what is going on in the real peoples lives. Narrow minded thinking also makes the “us” protected and leaves the “them” to incubate the diseases. It’s all looking very stupid and disgustingly messy, but there’s always “More tea Vicar?” ☕️ “Slice of cake Aunt Sally?” 🍰

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    1. Lolsy, the ones in the top money bracket are educated to stay there. They learn how to “Make” money and get ahead of the crowd. To really know what it is like to live with their decisions, they’d have to lower their expectations of life and have lots of what they enjoy put out of their reach. Of course the UK Gov’ will be horrible to the children of the hoi polloi, because they’re trained to be like that in places like Eton. They must learn to distance themselves to stay “Safe” from the “Herd” sound familiar? Diseases are being incubated all over the world now, because of the stupidity of the top brass antics letting people fly hither and thither, hoarding vaccines…
      Still, you are right, the teacher was being good and needs more than a gold star! ⭐️ Sadly, my stoicism is at the fore and thus stops me from crying with you, but wishes you blessings of health, peace and sprinkles of joy.

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      1. Oh and let the ones at the bottom think they can win a place up there. Once up there, they better have true friends, because otherwise they get exploited and nagged for money and paranoid about it all. “Who wants to be a lazy, greedy millionaire?” ~ “Not I” said the Wise Little Hen. 🐓🐤🐤🐤🐤🐤🐤


  3. Alberta has the same rules, and children 5-11 are near the leading age group of positive covid tests. Some are still in school, but the parent of their schoolmates have no idea until the school has more than 10% of all students infected. Not just one class.
    They are trying for herd immunity, but the number of people with second or even third infections is growing. We want to shoot our governors, but the cops won’ t let us. I think the person who kills Jason Kenney should be given a medal. He refuses to govern for Covid.

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  4. cases rising here again in U.S. ..Half of public places now requiring masks again, other half not. Schools open but with masks from the time they get on bus til home- with the excaption of gym class..go figure. That photo color is incredible..kind of chartreuse and hansa yellow- sorry- it’s the artist in me- but is a color i strive for in landscapes:)

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      1. ugh..well, we are seeing half & half here..some even quitting jobs because of teh mandates while complaining about others not wanting to work..its nuts, as usual


  5. Those misty views ARE so beautiful. Thanks for sharing them. I always love your photos. ❤ The writing is great too. The government? Well….. not everything can be perfect I guess. Definitely some work needed there. Stay out of the rain Superdad.


  6. It fascinates (and sometimes shakes me to my core) how historically, children in our culture seem expendable. I’m thinking of how your government is handling the current pandemic regarding children and also thinking back to the sailing days of old when children about 7-9 years old were used as powder monkeys, climbing down into the hold where gunpowder was stored and bringing it up to be used in cannons. A very dangerous job. Even though most parents I know would die for their child, politicians lately seem to constantly use them as political pawns.

    (I just read a newspaper headline that one of the vaccines is safe for 5-11 year old children, and our country (US) is seeking approval for use with this age bracket).

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