A deep blue sky in Yorkshire, WOW….

Today was a tough MATHS day. Hawklad is number dyslexic. Some numbers become inverted when he sees them. It’s a family trait. When I get tired my mind inverts 4’s and sometimes 7’s. But Hawklad has found a way and he can work round this. He can do some phenomenally complicated arithmetic in his head. Often the problem is trying to put that down on paper but he is getting there.

But one area really does struggle with is decimals and fractions. Put a decimal in a calculation and he just can’t process the solution. Even quite straightforward sums become impossible with a decimal added. Fractions, oh fractions. As hard as he tries fractions will just not sink in.

So today was the perfect Maths Lesson storm. Fractions and decimals. He tried, he really tried but it was just not happening. But he isn’t giving up. In his words, he ‘got the better of word dyslexia, this will be next’.

He is so right. Anything is possible. Two years ago he needed almost one to one help to read. Now he is sat reading Lord of the Rings. Anything is possible when you put your mind to it.

55 thoughts on “Fractions

  1. I knew someone growing up who had learning issues. They were medicated and had special instruction. They became determined that was not the life for them and took it upon themselves at a young age to overcome their issues. You are right, if you are so determined, you can overcome.

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  2. Way to go, Gary and Hawklad! And fractions are a true pain in the ass, dyslexia or not! That is a wonderful attitude you’ve fostered in Hawklad.

    And LOTR is a masterpiece work of literature.


  3. Both of you are amazing. At 17 Isobelle doesn’t know if it’s night or day, hot or cold, when she needs to eat, go to the toilet, sleep. Any kind of learning is impossible for her. Your lad is doing brilliantly 😊🤗❤️


  4. Number dyslexia is called dyscalculia. We had to multiply decimals at the weekend too and neither of us had a clue so YouTube came to the rescue! He has the right attitude so I’m sure he will get there.


    1. I have number dyslexia. It has stopped me from becoming a GP. I mean hands up who wants me to prescribe a drug? If I get the decimal point in the wrong place, it could be 10% less effective or 100% more? The painkiller might not work effectively or be so concentrated you’d be on your way out of this world in no time! However, there’s other directions to go in and that’s what I’ve done successfully. So yes, there’s that, and you never know, maybe I will get there “Eventually”.


  5. Oh my !! Fractions – following on from multiplication and division !! That was what greatly confused our dyslexic girl. She could do maths with concrete objects, it was reading and writing maths that she found so hard. It helped her to use large writing, and lots of concrete objects. Diagrams and drawings were not much help to her. I hope Hawklad and you can work out what works for him.


  6. I had the same problems with math and numbers throughout school. (Back in the day the schools wouldn’t bother testing me because as my mother was told she scores to high in everything else so obviously she’s just not trying hard enough… because yeah math is the same as English, history etc. Literally only in college did they test and find out I had discalculia. Little bit bitter yes.)

    Anyway it helped me a great deal when I could to convert it all in terms of money. Good luck to Hawklad!


  7. I had the same problems at school – well mathematics as a whole shebang was pretty frustrating – but most notably – fractions and decimals, algebra and the most dreaded of all – matrix —- oooooooooooooh l can feel the pain already …

    I could read for Britain, l could do the basics marvelously but the four above got me into more trouble than anything else ..

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  8. Lord of the Rings! That is AWESOME, my friend! Even I never got to reading that whole trilogy. Huzzah to Hawklad from Wisconsin! Math gives me a headache each and every day. I think it drives anyone and everyone up a tree, especially with decimals and ESPECIALLY especially with fractions. Let Hawklad know he is not alone on this!


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