Oh how I missed the delights of setting the alarm clock to go off one hour earlier. All to fit in with the demands of the school week. I’m not sure I had an hour of sleep I could really afford to drop in the first place. It doesn’t sound much but dropping from somewhere over 3 hours to just over 2 hours sleep a night definitely brings on that semi permanent morning dull head feeling. The return of the ZOMBIE. I hear you cry – GO TO BED EARLIER …..But the thing is that it’s not as simple as just going to bed earlier, my sleep refuses to arrive much before 4am regardless of what time I get under the blankets.

That serious dull head feeling is made worse by one thing in particular. When there is no school, that extra hour provides a safe place to slowly wake. Waking on my own terms. Unfortunately the school alarm is too early for that and everyday I need the artificial alarm. That sudden jolt to just messes me up. At this rate I’m going to seriously harm my George Clooney looks 😂😂😂😂😂😂🤪🤪🤪🤪🤪🤪 Especially if I keep zombie walking face first into stone walls.

But it’s reassuring to see so many others who are clearly suffering from zombie dull head syndrome. As I went to pay for petrol this morning, I walked past the ‘please wear a mask in the shop’ sign in the safe knowledge that my mask was on my face (albeit inside out). Strangely the other 20 odd people in the shop had not realised they had not put there masks on. How very tired they must be….

And it’s not just the great unwashed like myself who suffer from lack of sleep induced forgetfulness. It also happens to so called world leaders as well…. When your tired you clearly forget things like masks even when everyone else has taken the trouble to put one on. Or maybe in this particular case, Johnson is just an arrogant Bell-End……

If anyone knows the photo source, can you let me know

48 thoughts on “Alarm call

  1. I was out for 4hrs, on 2hrs sleep, before realizing I was wearing 2 diff colored flipflops. Also left the house without crucial paperwork, stopped at a shop to reprint and acted like a feeble old woman as I tried to forward the email. But I had a mask on!!

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  2. I keep spare masks in my bag and when I am reminded I forgot to wear my mask, I can put one on. In total over the 2 years, I have forgotten twice when going to my post box and popping over to see my Neighbor. I have learnt also to hang a mask on the door handle of my unit so that I see it when I open this door to exit. P.s. Johnson must feel he is above the rules. 😤


    1. He’s a member of that “other class,” you know, the one that only exists if you are a member. His shit doesn’t stink, and he does not breathe germs on anyone,or anyone on him. He’s bulletproof, and he flaunts it.
      Send him to Alberta, we’ll fix him up right.

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    2. I give up on asking my mind “What the F… is that person thinkin’?” as I see so many like Boris these days. It’s like no one has love for the other people in the world. 😷 Who will be left to look back at the mistakes? 🤧 🤒 🤕 Will there be anyone left to see the future’s history? 👻 💀 ☠️ I hope this little blue marble in the universe hasn’t had its day., but I’m just one miniscule speck and I can only be one miniscule speck and do that to the best of my ability.

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  3. I’m also a terrible sleeper, and I’m doing a sleep course at the moment. Interestingly, if you like awake at night, the course tells you NOT to go to bed earlier, because the more time you spend awake in bed, the more your brain builds up a negative association with your bed/bedroom and connects it to wakefulness. The course gets you to work out how much actual sleep you get, and to try to go to bed for those hours only. I know that sounds terrible but it seems to be working for me in terms of breaking the cycle of being awake in bed after 25+ years of terrible sleep. I am now at the point where I can gradually start to increase my time by going to bed a few minutes earlier and waking up a few minutes later.


    1. There is so much we can do to help ourselves to get some sleep, but what do I know?
      I have beliefs that say the environment we want to sleep in, has to be just right. 🛌 Some need black out curtains. Some need noise, but most need silence. Then there’s a need for all the technology to be out of the room. 💻 No associations that keep a soul awake. 🧸 Each day the room needs to be aired. No coffee after lunchtime. ☕️ No fizzy. 🍾 The list is massive and each individual needs to work out what it is that is keeping them awake. I think it boils down to unhelpful thoughts usually and for that I always recommend the Work of Byron Katie. It costs nothing, but time.

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  4. Wow, more than arrogant. He is not a little bit ashamed.
    How you make it through the day with 3 hours of sleep is already a miracle to me. But two hours… I can only imagine the cloud around your head and robotic function during the day. I hope you sleep much better next night.


    1. I wonder if it is the worry of what Hawklad might need in the night. If that is the case then there’s a need to realise Hawklad’s abilities to wake BABASP. Perhaps an alarm if really worried about Hawklad being awake and BABASP not. Still, 2 hours is not an acceptable amount for any body and if not careful, it might crash.


  5. I am generally already awake before my alarm can go off🤪 HRH King Ben has been having all kinds of sleep issues, so guess who else gets more issues added to their insomnia🤦🏼‍♀️

    I had melted chocolate on my face for several hours and Daughter never told me. I picked her up from work and chatted at home with her after the drive… I happened to glance at the mirror while washing my hands, a thing I try to avoid… the looking, not the washing…. and there’s a big brown splotch on my face😲🙄🤦🏼‍♀️

    How did it get there? How *long* was it there? Why didn’t she tell me? I’m thinking of forgetting the mask and just using a bag😉 Save my tired brain from unpleasant discoveries🤪😂😂



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