The long and slightly winding road. It doesn’t look much but it’s a bit of a pull up that slope. Unsurprisingly this little lane blocks quickly when the snow arrives. One day I will pick up the courage to try to sledge this all the way to the bottom. Our very own Cresta Run.

At the bottom of the slope (if I make it that far) I then need to find 2 feet of lift and aim for this gap in the hedge. If I pull that manoeuvre off then I will continue the sledge run across at least one more field. Miss the gap or get no height and it’s going to hurt. Hurt lots…..

As Hawklad points out. He will let Dad go first, clear a path and then if Dad is able to stand without medical assistance, then he will follow. It’s good to know that I still have my uses. 🤪🤪🤪🤪

As the colder, darker months fast approach some of the things that kept both of us going over the warmer months will become harder to keep going. New hobbies and new things to do are really needed. Especially as there is no immediate sign of a breakout from our ongoing family isolation. But we need to keep living. Preferably things that don’t involve pain…

I was looking on eBay for a second hand telescope to help with Astronomy as something we could do together. One to replace my very old small scope. I found a potential option. 4 hours to go on bidding and after 3 bids the price was at £30 plus delivery. That’s great for a £900 telescope. I made the offer. £35…. It was mine…. until 5 minutes before the auction closed. Two minutes later budding was at £300.. Pants. Didn’t bother seeing what it finally went for. Not this time.

But I feel better as I have done something. I’ve tried. Now what other random items can I find. What weird hobbies might open up.

41 thoughts on “Slope

  1. A telescope for astronomy is a wonderful idea! I hope something else comes up that’s within reach. 🤞🏻🙏 And hope these cold dark winter months go by very quickly!


      1. I hope this winter brings a few extra special clear sky nights for you and Hawklad. 🤞🏻🤞🏻🤞🏻🙏🙏🙏


  2. I have no idea how telescopes work, could you possibly make one? Like even getting bits and pieces? Building a telescope together =D I bet your son would love to learn to about maybe any ancient cultures, religions and History in your area. Were their pagans and “witches” in your area? Like a dance around a camp fire, lol…Or would that just scare Hawk Boy?


  3. Some ebayers use snipe bidding software to hold their bids to the last few seconds…have you considered snap circuits – get into electrical circuit electronics and build a moving model of our system with led, pinhole projector of the night sky. You can salvage a lot of components cheaply from trashed devices and you are into multidisciplinary learning, electronics and light tying nicely with astronomy and quantum electrodynamics. Like the sledge run idea though. Cheers.


  4. You have neighbours. Is there anyway of asking to borrow a telescope 🔭 via the village hall or perhaps t’Internet? There used to be ” justfortheloveofit ” created by Mark Boyle, but I’m not sure what that might be called now or if anything like that is still up and running.
    Oh wait, I found it, it’s now called Street Bank:


  5. When one of my boys was being inquisitive, I found broken things he could take apart helped his curiosity. Once he was given some sort of boat electronic thing and so many things got dismantled (including his bike, which wasn’t so clever). Of course you end up with parts and maybe they could become stuff to weld together and be all arty 🎨 farty sculpture with ’em.


  6. I love reading your journey (I don’t love your struggles but believe things will work out) – your photos are great. Yorkshire is nearly as pretty as Durham (Ha!) – where I live. How old is Hawklad if you don’t mind me asking?


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