One rainbow makes the last 24 hours of rain worthwhile.

One day the dark times my country are experiencing under this charlatan of a leader will be over and a true rainbow will be there. I just want to give you the words of our Rogue Prime Minister yesterday live on TV. Strangely not being publicised by his friends in the media but it’s telling of his character. So telling.

I’ve given you the most important metric, which is – never mind life expectancy, never mind, you know, cancer outcomes – look at wage growth,”

This man would happily unplug your life support to charge up his mobile phone. One day he will be history, just a really bad memory. Until he is gone then he will continue to destroy and ruin so many life’s.

As dark and as difficult as life can seem, a rainbow might just be around the corner.

Another school at home week dawns in a few hours. How long can we give this. Today Hawklad seems further than ever from a return to the classroom. I am convinced more than ever that his learning lies elsewhere. But is his call. His future. Is it better to stick in this less than ideal course until after his exams in 18 months time or is it better to twist now. On top of his anxieties he is wrestling with these thoughts. My job is to support him and to keep reminding him that as tough as it seems, that rainbow may be closer than he imagines.

37 thoughts on “Rainbows

  1. Love the rainbow picture and I hope that Boris is soon out and suffering what he is given. I really want to see him suffer in his old age. It couldn’t come soon enough, aling with Tories out.

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      1. I feel more hate is showing for this Government on Twitter, but whether its enough to change things the next time we vote, time will tell.
        Not enough people turned out last time to vote. I wonder how many are cussing about Boris and the Tory Government, even though they didn’t turn out to vote.


  2. What wage growth????? Even that is a bloody lie and disgrace, what he has given us, is shortages of everything including life. Oh and it’s not his kob to see there’s no food shortages. Well anyway, lovely pics,


  3. Double rainbows🌈 🌈 Stunning!!
    Nature knows that all seasons pass, just as your clown will eventually pass into history.
    Hang in there Gary Kermit Superdad! You and Hawklad keep watching for rainbows, you guys will figure out what’s best.


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