A brief bit of sun to lift the spirits of a tree that still stands proud after many years of weather beatings. Stood on an exposed hilltop with nothing between it and the prevailing weather systems heading across from the Atlantic. Countless storms, damaging winds and more than two direct lightning strikes.

When I need a lift, I look across the fields to this friend and it is a friend. A constant reminder of resilience. But also so much more. A reminder of what life can still mean, of beautiful dreams and new memories to be made.

We can do this.

39 thoughts on “Tree

  1. Trees grow stronger in winds. That’s one tough tree indeed. A beautiful reminder that God doesn’t miss a detail and that He can keep us standing as long as it takes. Even a tree that seemingly stands alone is in good company. ❀❀

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  2. I intuitively have done this too at times. I looked at a tree, realizing for how many years, through countless storms and winters, it has been standing there. And it still stands tall. Yes, that is so energizing, comforting, and encouraging.

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