Autumn is nearly over for another year. Sadly the same can’t be said about other things in life.

There’s been a few messages being pushed here in the UK since July.

Covid is now just like flu….

We are now learning to beat Covid….

Get a vaccine and you don’t need to worry about things like masks…..

We have a Prime Minister who makes a show of walking round a Hospital with no mask….Even after being told THREE times to put one on by staff. Finally he did after the cameras were turned off.

Photo of a selfish prat from The Mirror

All these messages mean that social distancing is often not happening here anymore. Masks are becoming a bit of a rarity in places like shops and public gatherings like football matches. But now the managed message has become way more disturbing. Here’s a phrase being used by the UK Government and freely repeated in news outlets.

Only 6 healthy children with no underlying health conditions have died due to Covid in the last 12 months here….

As if the other 112 children who died with conditions such as asthma don’t count as much. That attitude is such a dangerous road to go down for a country.

As if 6 plus 112 children dying is an acceptable number. Something which we are prepared to accept as normal. Sadly now this is the becoming the case, the norm. What are we becoming when our PM can say

‘I’ve given you the most important metric. Never mind life expectancy, never mind cancer outcomes, just look at wage growth’.

He’s not my leader. He will never me my leader. We deserve better than him. Our children, all our children deserve much better than someone like him.

59 thoughts on “It’s all in the message

    1. Most of us are more appalled than worried. I remain hopeful that the political opposition will get their act together so people will be more inclined to vote for them at the next election.


  1. Here in London, there is a mix if attitudes over facemasks. We have a policy that you must wear a facemask if you come to our medical practice. But I think only around 25% of people are complying. Staff comply all of the time of course.
    I have been on buses when there are lots of facemasks, and only a couple of people without. People tend to stare/glare at those without masks (which they should not do because they might be genuinely exempt). But I have also been on buses where I was the only person wearing a facemask. The driver repeatedly plays a recorded message saying “You must wear a face mask on TFL Transport unless you are exempt”.
    It just seems to be following the pattern now of people making their own minds up whether they feel concern still and put on a facemask to protect themselves and others….and those who cannot be bothered any more.
    It’s a strange time.

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  2. I’ll trade you BoJo for Jason Kenney straight up, but you have to promise you won’t trade them back where they are now. Kenney is a mealy-mouthed Napoleon-sized twerp who thinks he can out-Trump Trump, and he may be right. Far far right-wing that is, and he takes no responsibility for anything bad that happens on his watch. At least with BoJo you get to laugh AT the stupid-haired clown; with Kenney all we can do is hope he’ll have a heart attack soon.

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      1. You can have all the dead branches you want. I’m sure I can get Trump to rake some up for you. But museum artefacts? Indigenous people’s are in the process of trying to repatriate those things that were stolen from us years ago. I doubt we will be giving any away for awhile. But we have a few hundred-thousand derelict oil wells sitting on the ground doing nothing. Those you can have all you want of those. Use them as a paean to fossil fuels. To us they are just a “”pain.”

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  3. I don’t know in which European country Covid is dealt well with. Looking at Austria, the numbers are higher than ever before. Looking at Switzerland, the numbers are a third of it but still too high, and people are already revolting against pretty mild measures compared to other countries. “When will they ever learn?” that it only works when we all pull on the same string.

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  4. BoJo puts money, profits and business before lives. He’s not my leader either….. he’s NO leader.
    Masks and social distancing are a thing of the past here Gary. We mask up and avoid crowds. WE shall be attending the Remembrance gathering tomorrow, wearing our Poppies with pride, and our masks.

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  5. He is not, never has been and never will be my leader. He is a dangerous and nasty piece of work. If I behaved the way he does in my job in the civil service, I would have been reprimanded at best anf fired at worst.

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  6. Wow. What an asshat! We can’t do any better here in the States. Sad, sad state of affairs. Where are all the dynamic, intelligent, compassionate, humble potential leaders hiding? Not here. Or there. Xx

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