A path across the hills.

A path frequented by farmers, dog walkers and intrepid Muppet Dads. A path that doesn’t seem to lead anywhere in particular. Meandering around hedgerows and the occasional isolated tree. One of those locations that you can so easily get lost. Definitely a great place to lose yourself. One day it might even be a cool place to find myself.

It’s been one of those days with too much thinking time. Plenty of thinking yet no real insight. No new paths opening up while managing to add more roadblocks to existing roads ahead. It’s been one of those days. Feeling like it’s one step forward, two back and a few too many sideways. That feeling isn’t much fun sat in the house.

But on a path across the hills, it just means more walking is required….

42 thoughts on “Thoughts

  1. Pretty sure I’ve turned over-thinking into an art form. 🙂 My brain’s in hyper-drive but I’m not going anywhere. Yet, I’ve found when I go in a direction I otherwise wouldn’t, I’ve been pleasantly surprised.

    It doesn’t feel safe and it’s out of our comfort zone and away from things we cling to, but taking a step sideways, THEN a step forward just may be taking you around an obstacle… or two. 😉

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  2. Thoughts come and go. What bothered us one moment, might go onto bothering someone else the next. 🎲 Maybe thoughts are not as personal as we tend to believe. Oh the thoughts that we all get are so interesting though. Let’s scratch our heads and see. 🦧 There’s the exciting ones, the strange ones, ones about others good, lovely or 👹 bad and hateful. There’s detailed planning ones of climbing or going around the mountain of this or that. The hopeful and impressive or we can linger in the bored and fed up ones until a better thought appears. Those dreary ones of trying to work through a thought to make sense of it all 🧩 can be interesting retrospectively (if we remember them). Those moments, when we realise we were actually able to look at a single flower petal and not see the beautiful detail that others might never see in their entire lifetime. Oh then there’s the sharp and scary, past, future or the present of “Oh no, not again!”, but take my word for it, sometimes the subtle smelly ones we think we’re dreaming and not quite sure of, they are usually telling us something important. 💩 or 🚒

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  3. You have to really work at having a preoccupied mind when you’re walking through scenery like that. It’s gorgeous!!
    You might think you’re not making progress, but at least you’re still moving. That counts!!😉

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