Yorkshire does have its moments.

Here’s the thing, I almost missed that view. I have a habit of just looking straight ahead when I’m walking. As that view was behind me, it was lucky that I went out of character and I did glance back. Dad would be pleased.

I remember one relevant piece of wisdom which my Dad imparted on me when I was a LITTLUN. One day I was walking with him on the beach after he had stopped off to buy fish from the returning fishing boats. As we walked he pronounced that “I didn’t look behind me enough”. He was that kind of Dad, why just talk when a pronouncement could be made. When I asked why I needed to look back, his response will never leave me.

“You never know when you are being stalked by something like a Tiger…..”

Following my clearly bemused expression Dad quickly added

“Clearly it works as a tiger has never taken a chunk out of your Dads behind….”

I guess you can’t argue with the logic. A logic honed in the British Army as a Sergeant Major. Most of his service was in a land famed for Man Eating Big Cats. The tropical jungles of ICELAND….. But look at the evidence. No Tiger did ever attack my Dad on Redcar beach that morning. Further he avoided any unfortunate Tiger incidents for the rest of his life. Although I never did raise the fact that ‘my not looking back strategy’ had also avoided any Tigermageddons….. it wasn’t really worth raising things with Dad, he was born and bred in the heart of Yorkshire. Pointless arguing with anyone wearing a flat cap.

So yes, don’t forget to look back, you never know what you might be missing.

18 thoughts on “Tigers

  1. Naw thars started sommat lad. For now I’m trying hard to remember a poem/story thing and get it reet. It was told to me by a client years ago, who is no longer with us in corporeal form, but I guess he is telling me to tell it reet as best I can. Bless ‘im, for apart from the last sentence which was slightly quicker and far more audible, it took him an age for him to get the words out, because (well we won’t go into that). So, without furtha ado, ‘is words:

    I was walking in the jungle with my father one day, (here I start to “uhu”, nod and listen)

    When out jumped a tiger!!! 🐯 (he did a subtle pause)

    Well my father being old and grey,
    Turned on his heels and ran away,
    But I being young and slim,
    Was fucking miles ahead of him. 🏃‍♀️ 🏃 🐅


  2. This is actually very true. I do it all the time now but I don’t think I always did. Now I am always looking for better light, for something else to photograph. You never know what may be in the rear view mirror!

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  3. Good advice, indeed, you never know. But seriously, when I am in nature, I am having the habit to stop and turn around. It is to see everything from different angles. I cannot get enough to discover and don’t want to miss any beautiful view.


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