It takes a little bit of hard work to get to this spot but on a morning we can catch a mist covered view of the Vale of York.

Rewarding hard work.

According to those in charge of our countries school system, our children don’t work hard enough. Too much free time. So they are looking to extend the school day, reduce holidays and introduce more frequent, more extensive homework. Already lunch and school breaks have been cut back.

So clearly more hard work is required.

The following is an example of the current (not enough) homework being issued. Hawklad was expected to complete this over the weekend. One piece of work from Religious Education.

On top of this Hawklad had work to complete from English, Information Technology, Design Technology, History and Geography. He caught a bit of a break this time, no Biology, no Chemistry and no Maths homework.

And now the Government wants to add even more work on top of this….

The Prime Minister makes sure he gets weekends off to recharge and relax. Why can’t out children.

40 thoughts on “Work

  1. There’s no such thing as a “Christian view” on almost any topic! They cover the full spectrum from the extremely restrictive/conservative notions of Fundamentalists/pentecostals/evangelicals to to extremely liberal ideas of progressive/liberal/postmodern Christians. I presume there’s a similar spectrum of views within Islam. Those questions are flawed, and if I were asked such questions, I’d be writing about why they are the wrong questions.

    Perhaps Hawklad is expected to cover all the nuances of sex and marriage from “if it isn’t exploitative then it’s not sinful” of liberal faith groups such as Quakers to “sex only inside marriage and only for procreation, so therefore only between a male and female. Anything else is sinful” of fundamentalist and their ilk. Even at high school level, that’s a lot more than can be covered in a few nights of homework.

    The experience of Hawkland and you with the British education system leaves me to wonder whether it’s designed to prepare young folk for a lifetime of learning, or whether it’s designed to prepare “production units” where they are taught to accept state propaganda as The Truth. I’m leaning towards the latter.

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    Section 1. Numbers 1, 2, 6, 7, 9 and 10 are not “words,” per se.
    Section 2. Number 1 is not a question, it is a demand or a command. My brain program freezes. It never gets to Number 2!
    Section 3. Is he supposed to find pro quotes, anti quotes, or atheistic quotes. Your Bored of Education should all be sent back to Grade 1 at the same pay grade as Hawklad!

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  3. That is insane. Hawklad is 13? 14? Can anyone in government answer all of that? I’m afraid I would say “NO! Not doing it!” This is TOO MUCH. Someone has to tell them no and get rid of the man with the whip on his desk. I learned today that in Northern Ireland, if you are sick you don’t get to see a doctor. You call in and give your symptoms and then you get a prescription. Surely this verges on being criminal neglect? What is happening to society?

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  4. Wow…. that is a serious amount of homework. I grew tired just reading off all of the questions. I didn’t make it to the end of the list. That is a crazy amount of homework. *sigh* I’m sorry it’s like that. Hang in there. Focus on the view and stay out of the rain. ❤

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