Let’s go walking

An early finish to the school day. A big advantage of the school at home project. Usually if a teacher forgets to issue work then we chase it up. Not this day. If the teacher forgets (and they did) let’s not remind them. Let’s see if they notice (and they didn’t).

An early finish means time for a long walk. I so wish Hawklad could use the time to meet up with friends. But as he is stuck with his gnarly Muppet Dad then the next best thing is a walk. Hawklad’s idea.

A walk from our house which we had never fully done before. 15km and we never saw another soul. Perfect for Hawklad.

Definitely beats school and school never missed him.

32 thoughts on “Let’s go walking

  1. Hawklad has a Superdad. The nickname still suits you. It would be wonderful for him to have so much more, but he’s so fortunate to have you. You both take care and enjoy the trees. 🌳🌳🌳🌳🌳🌳 ❤

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  2. That must have been such a beautiful walk and the weather was so special too. The photos are beautiful. I would not mind such a walk either – not meeting anyone, just I, myself, and a flow of inspiration.

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  3. Such a beautiful place for you both to go walking, the world around us is absolutely stunning! I am always reminding my two to look up and around them, there is so much beauty in the world. I hope you both had a lovely day 😊

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  4. Looked like you all encountered some truly beautiful country on your walk. Thank you for the wonderful photos.

    I have a quick question. One of your shots shows an old tower with cross shaped windows. Do you know the story of the old tower?

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