An oncoming storm. Storm Arwen. The first winter storm of the season. Blizzards for some. 90mph winds for some. Lots of rain for others. Sometimes an exposed northern hill is not the best place to put a few houses. Definitely not the best place to put some plastic furniture in the garden. If anyone sees a flying once white chair with a missing leg, that’s ours and I’ve got the other leg…..

Here’s something. A teacher asking how Hawklad is doing. A teacher who has reviewed his work. A teacher you has spotted areas he needs to work on. That makes such a difference. I know it’s just one subject but it’s a start.

41 thoughts on “Well that’s something

  1. The storm was a class A Biatch! We had non-stop rains here in Kent, high winds, sleet and hail. It is gone now, but it hit us Friday night. Saturday l was at the Reserve Open day and it rained and sleeted and hailed all day – such fun.

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