Some parts of the country took a real pounding during the storm over the weekend. Thousands are still without power. Our area only caught a glancing blow, but there was some damage…

Damage limitation…..

As of today The UK Government has announced that pupils in Secondary schools should wear masks in all communal areas, which is in addition to masks being compulsory on school buses. All this as a temporary response to prevent a new covid variant spreading in schools. But thankfully the Government has done a deal with the virus, so the virus has agreed to not spread during lessons. The Government has deemed that MASKS are not required in Classrooms……

Let’s hope any damage is very limited…..

We either need masks or we don’t need masks. Kinda in the middle ain’t going to help anyone.

58 thoughts on “Storm Damage

  1. Yikes! To both the storm damage and your government mandates. We’ve been having record setting flooding. Although our crawl space and all around the house was flooded, our floors most thankfully stayed dry. We’d taken up rugs and things on our floor that were easily lifted. And afterwards, I was so motivated to see our lovely floors again I gave them a good scrub and a coat of wood floor restorer, before putting the rugs back down.

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    1. Why cover them up with new rugs. They sounded wonderful. West coast Canada? East coast Canada? Or somewhere else? Sitting here in northern Alberta all we have to contend with is snow, wind, and cold. Nothing new. The pictures we see from both coasts are incredibly horrifying!

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      1. I hear you, but after all the time and energy I put in to refinishing the floors when we bought the house 20 years ago, I’m more into protecting them at this point. Don’t worry, there’s still lots of beautiful wood showing. We’re west coast, US, just below BC. And yes, BC got it bad too.

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      2. Sorry you live in that area at present, it is one of the nicest areas in the world usually. Though I don’t live in south BC anymore, I loved it there when I did. But when Mother Nature decides to wreak havoc, your terrain is set up for failure in the worst ways. It sounds like you have survived, and I am glad you did. Many of my BC friends are still suffering.

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      1. As the old saying goes, truth is stranger than fiction. One of the multitude of examples we are seeing in the world today. If someone had written a book about this a couple of decades ago even, it would have been deemed science fiction and impossible to happen. Now it is fact.


  2. There we have it – wind and a virus – both technically to the human eye – can cause damage that is impossible to predict.
    This is a challenge for governments though. Whereas many people would have taken the storm warning very seriously and avoided travel etc, I think the situation that is causing challenges is how long the covid “threat” has gone on for. I have noticed here in London that while many people have maintained some of the safety cautions like face-masks, we were finding it hard to ask patients to cooperate with the guidance to wear a face-mask when they came onto our premises.
    The longer the Pandemic has gone on for, the harder it has been to expect “compliance” with cautions and restrictions, the trickier it has been to strike the balance between bringing many industries and aspects of life to a standstill and making people either panic-stricken or really grumpy…..and asking people to just view covid restrictions/regulations like any other health and safety legislation.
    Maybe it is my experience in construction that is shaping some of my views – if you want to step onto one of our projects, you have to wear a hard-hat and steel toe caps. And yes….they can be annoying. You end up with hat hair and exhausted legs, but the safety requirements are not optional.

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      1. It totally is. Meanwhile, the governments are more than overwhelmed since they need to take care of economy, protect their people, and give them as much freedom as possible…. all together creates a mess.

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      2. And that is so true!
        Gary, just in case you haven’t seen my request, would you allow me to quote you with your comment on my Daily Kind Quote from Monday with these words: “Change always works best if your riding the wave, not just waiting for it to crash over you”

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  3. It’s the same here…some wear masks, many don’t, some days PANIC, then it all goes away. Poor tree. I hate to see damaged trees. I had a beautiful old oak that split in half in a storm. Had to have it taken down and cried for days when I saw the stump.

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