Poor Hawklad was trying to do his school at home lessons. A teacher had uploaded work to be done online. That’s always a good thing and most welcome, unless you are Hawklad. The work kept referring to ‘review the key information on page 264 of your text book’. What text book….. Apparently the text book those in class use each lesson as a key part of the teaching programme. The class share copies so there isn’t one available to be sent home, so Hawklad did know that one even existed. At least we know now.

It’s cold. Not as cold as some countries but it’s cold for us. It’s definitely a two wooly jumper day.

It’s the kinda day for hot chocolate, soups and stews. It’s been a bit of a STEW fest recently. I can obliterate baking but I can do a might fine stew. What’s the secret to my STEWPENDOUS creations. Well I discovered that last night. Out of date herbs. Seriously out of date. We are taking Best Before A Very Long Time Ago. Best before ran out during Obama’s presidency (and not his second stint….). Oops….

The ageing adds to the flavour. As my parents would say when food hit the ground when I was a kid. Days when the food was quickly wiped on a sleeve and handed back for consumption.

“It will put hairs on your back son”.

Now a few millennial later and it certainly has done that….. If only my parents had put all this useful information and knowledge into a parenting textbook. I’m sure it would provide much reassurance on the use of out of date food items. It might even enlighten us to what key information can be found on page 264….

49 thoughts on “It’s Cold on page 264

      1. So, now Aunty O.S. has to tangent off to tell the story of the young fella with the horrific rash. Once upon a time, a fine young man caught something like “Sam and Emma”. He was so ill in fact, that the surgeons didn’t leave much of his giblets intact. Only then after he went home, he became really ill again, but this time with a really horrible strange rash on his arms, hands… So, of course the doctors started with the creams and telling him to change his washing powder… but nothing worked. However, one doctor decided to visit the lads home. At last, the answer was on first whiff of the door opening. The lads mother had used neat bleach on everything, EVERYTHING!!! So, the moral of the story is: Ummm, is it something to do with staying sensibly within the safe Median of a thing and therefore allowing the “a few specks won’t kill you”, but knowing loads will and not going too far (as too far is just that). Oh wow, did I just say a maths word “Median”?


  1. When I spent the summer with Goldfinch, I started noticing his collection of out of date herbs and spices. I was all ready to throw them out and replace them. He objected. He said there is nothing wrong with them. They may have lost some of their pungency, but he did not want me to throw them away. I used them to cook dinners while I was out there, and they were pretty good after all.


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