The snow has gone but it’s still cold. It’s rush hour again here…..

In the Black Friday sales I bought a bread maker. I had just been looking for a couple of new loaf tins. It was a rush of blood. Thankfully a much cheaper rush of blood than it could have been. So far so good. Much easier and much much easier. Almost fool proof…….

It’s been a tired day today. Hawklad is tired of school, I’m just tired today. Shall I show you just how tired, tired is. I present to you Exhibit A. It’s a delicious and wholesome traditional French herbal loaf…..

That’s what a traditional loaf looks like when you don’t add any WATER. As the faint sweet slightly burnt smell filled the house my brain pondered what that could mean. My bread never messes up these days, certainly not with my bullet proof machine. Maybe it just means a slightly more crusty loaf. Maybe it’s just the herbs infusing the dough. At no stage did the tired brain think ‘Huston we might have a problem here…..’. At no stage did the brain encourage this Muppet to get up and check upon the baking disaster unfolding in the bread maker……

That’s tired or it’s just me……

64 thoughts on “Tired bread

      1. Did you read my blog where I mistakenly substituted powdered sugar for flour in my banana bread? Discoverd only after it foamed up and overflowed like a science experiment all over my oven!

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      1. There were no “BANG” with my effort. Thankfully, there were this little bit o’ metal that melted onto the food. The smell though!
        It wafted into the living room and Mother knew I’d made a boob. Still, the next effort was with red cabbage, peas and potatoes, so talk about colourful food.

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  1. Oh No!!! 🤦🏼‍♀️ You gotta get more sleep☹
    It’s a lovely paperweight😉 My daughters have been after me to bake some bread. I just bought two pounds of butter, on sale, and fresh bread with butter sounds good. My bread always comes out dense🤷🏼‍♀️ Kinda like my head, right?!🤣🤣🤣

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  2. Oh no, I’ve had fails with my bread maker too, it took me ages to find a really good bread recipe. These days I just use the bread maker to make dough for homemade pizza, that seems to go down well in my house. My biggest fail recently, was this year when I decided to make sourdough bread. I put the crock pot in the oven to heat up, when I opened the oven the most awful smell almost choked me. I opened the lid of the crackpot to find that I had completed melted the lead to my slow cooker!

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