Another dusting of the white stuff. It’s such a wonderful world filled with the best dreams and breathtaking beauty.

It’s bizarre how tiredness works out in practice. Yesterday on a few hours sleep I was a walking single parent zombie disaster zone. Bogged down in the minutiae of life. I couldn’t even make bread……

That was my bread after 3 hours in the poor bread making machine. Not sure if I should butter it or use it as a facial exfoliating rub…..Yet today on even less sleep I feel fine. Feeling like I’m almost competent at this parenting gig. I could even explain Calculus and Ionic Bonds this morning. Definitely NOT at home to Mr Zombie Head today.

So is even less sleep good for me? No not really. What is good for me is focusing on what is truly important to me. Doing that makes me realise just how beautiful this world is, just how wonderful life can still be. All the ingredients to happiness and fulfilment are there, just need to remember to us them.

It’s makes such a difference when you use all the ingredients in gluten free bread making 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 Same bread just with added water……

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  1. You call that snow? I wish I knew how to put pictures from my gallery into a comment on Word Press. Not just for you, but for the woman who said she had never seen real snow. I took a picture of my back deck for her, but could not get it into the comment I tried to send her. We already have over a foot of snow outside this year, way more than usual for the start of Dec. I am thinking we are going to be walking through snow tunnels soon to get to the car.

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  2. Your body must be getting used to a lack of sleep, I’m speaking from experience!

    That bread looks amazing! My son is GF and I have yet to make a decent loaf. Do you mind sharing the recipe?

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  3. What is your recipe for the gluten free bread? I used to use premium gold gluten free flour it was delicious! I hope your week gets better, and that you get better sleep.


  4. Gary, this is such a fantastic comparison. We have all the ingredients in our cupboards to make this life enjoyable but we forget to use them. This is just so profound! You are a very sensitive person and look deep beneath the surface just naturally. Thank you for the inspiration and awareness you are sharing.
    I am so happy that your bread worked out. It looks so yummy.


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