That’s another weekend gone. Feels like I immediately need another one to recharge. Wishful thinking…..

It’s been the usual school effected weekend. Six pieces of homework talking Hawklad about six hours to complete. Why as a society do we have such a problem in letting childhood mean fun, freedom and adventures. I keep saying it….. if our countries so called Leader has to have his weekends off (because he needs them) then why can’t we let our children have the same leisure time. Is it because some people are deemed more important than others….

Hawklad didn’t complete all the work that was required of him but I stopped him. Enough is enough. Time to try and recharge. He won’t ever recharge doing Calculus questions but he just might when he can be outside and free.

33 thoughts on “Free

  1. Can you homeschool where you are at? I know work would more than likely get in the way but you him would be able to set your own schedule. Not to mention kids learn best with their teacher from the beginning of their life. You! Either way school is tough and I am glad you decided to let him recharge.

    One thing I learned with my son is if I taped his math work on the wall he could walk back and forth and get his work done. It might be worth a shot for Hawklad. I hope I wrote is name correctly

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  2. I agree, the kids are not machines. They need time to recover too. Furthermore, they need to be motivated. Motivation is killed when learning and homework is the only thing to spend time with.

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  3. We had the same this weekend. Revision for tests, tests and more tests. S getting 3 for English literature. So disheartening when you find it difficult to even put a thought down on paper. Sending love to you both ❤️

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