The first signs of the next storm heading our way. Cold, wet, bleak and punishingly windy. Not a day to be outside. Problem is when I’m stuck inside, that feeling of being hemmed in just gets ramped up even more. Never suffered from claustrophobia but I have done since the world changed back in 2016.

Over those 5 years I’ve learnt that the best strategy is DISTRACTION. Focus on homeschooling. Housework, more housework, even washing the windows. Wow washing the windows. Kinda worked. But they don’t work as well as some four legged distractions.

I have a new movie franchise.

It’s the action movie this time of year has been waiting for since Die Hard. Fearsome beasts meet the festive holidays.

I give you the trailers to JURASSIC CHRISTMAS…

Apex Predator

53 thoughts on “Hemmed in

      1. It would make me really happy if you would allow me to buy your son a small gift for Christmas. I am feeling down, so please choose a small gift $25 and let me know how I can get the money to you. Please let me do this ❤️


  1. There’re three black cats here. One is disabled slightly due to being born early from a mother involved in a car accident and is tiny. T’other two on separate occasions had been left in boxes to die. One will eat anything and is like yourn and a fatty. The only boy chases the tiny one and is lively. With all that, this is why we cat 🐱 families can’t have nice things:


  2. Ooh … I just love it! What a lovely tail … I couldn’t help but notice the electric candlestick in the background. They are very common in Sweden but I didn’t thought they were common in UK. Nice to see …


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