It’s carnage on the roads today. Proper gridlock.

The amount of time I used to waste on the roads. Rush hour first thing, then rush hour on the way home. Travelling distances for meetings. Rushing here and there. Grabbing a sandwich while scurrying to my next appointment. Surviving on ever increasing amounts of caffeine. Time I could have spent truly living, doing things that truly matter. It wasn’t until single parenting forced me out of the rat race that I finally managed to see this. Time passed me by and I didn’t even notice. You don’t get that time back. What was I thinking about.

Now it’s a different life. My priorities have changed. Being a Mum and Dad, Single parenting, homeschooling, housework, trying to keep a part time job going. All mostly done without reference to an appointments diary AND NO TIME LOST in the rush hour, work madness.

When the world changed I kinda assumed that it was just about putting my career on hold. Maybe somewhere after 2023 the career would live again. It doesn’t work like that. I now realise that old life has gone full stop…… Other priorities, other commitments, I’m a different person. A new realisation.

Life has to be about making the most of precious time and not letting it slip through my fingers stuck in permanent traffic jams and never ending meeting cycles. Now the stuff I do MATTERS. If I don’t do it then it doesn’t happen. Can’t do that as a parent. Contrast that with the rat race. Do they even know that I quit my career. Did anyone notice one less driver stuck in the traffic queues.

YES, one person most definitely has.

YES my son. I’m there for him when he needs me, that doesn’t happen if I’m stuck on the M1 somewhere near Junction 42. I’m not there for him if I’m chasing my career.

Time really matters…….

39 thoughts on “Time

  1. Not to be a party pooped, but I wonder if your pendulum has swung a little too far of being straight up and down. I love what you are doing, but I hear nothing about you doing anything for you, the person, just for you, the parent. Hawklad is important, no doubt, but so are you.
    It is easy to dedicate your life to your child, but that dedication can hide the fact you have needs of your own. Take care of yourself too, Gary, please.


  2. It certainly does. I went to the West Coast in 2000 and returned 18 years later. Now I feel as if that time was a bubble, that the person out there was someone else, but here I am almost 20 years older. Damn. How did that happen? Your photograph is stunning.


  3. Yes, time matters so much and it’s not something you can buy.

    I ended up being stuck in a traffic jam yesterday in Leeds. The trip had been for pleasure but it reminded me of how glad I am that I’m not in rush hour traffic very often anymore.


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