It’s a wet Wednesday here in the UK but at least yesterday’s storm has started to finally abate. Even the occasional break in the clouds. That always helps.

Definitely moody…..

Days like this can be a struggle for me. Distractions are always welcome. There are some amongst us who are always distracted.

Now that’s a hole. Giving someone ideas. Think of the socks which could be hid in that tunnel.

That’s some mouse……

Hawklad’s school feels like a mysterious hole somedays. Some things it is really good at doing. It never fails to let us know about kitchen closures, Christmas jumper days, school concerts. Yet the same school seems to find it so hard to get lessons consistently to pupils forced to be away from the classroom. The school gets glowing reviews and multiple awards for teaching quality yet it doesn’t seem to have the first clue on how to provide support to pupils with educational disabilities. I guess with less than two years of secondary education left for Hawklad, we may never get to figure that out. School and the education system isn’t changing any time soon.

Yes definitely a moody day.

27 thoughts on “Wet Distractions

  1. I’m very sorry Gary for how the school is continuing to disappoint Hawklad. That hole does look inviting! Wonder where it leads? Wonderland perhaps.


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