The sun sets on another day.

Back in summer Hawklad asked if he could have something to aim for this year. Something fun. Anything other than a potential return to the classroom. So we agreed to take a punt on some concert tickets for December. Back in July, December seemed a long term goal. Now with weeks to go, it’s unremittingly approaching with pace….

There is still time but that concert still seems like a mighty step too far. He is still struggling. Still struggles to touch alien surfaces. Close contact with people is wracked with anxieties. He still can’t venture into shops, even for just a few moments. Inside with a thousand other people, very hemmed in, doesn’t seem practical or achievable yet.

But we always live in hope.

Tomorrow is a new day, yes it is (sorry borrowed that line from WWE wrestling….)

But we are lucky. We still have the open spaces of the Yorkshire countryside. We still have a quiet garden. Today we took our mind of that fast approaching target by thinking about a musical challenge we have seen others do online. So here goes Hawklad’s take on the questions.

First Concert – Hollywood Vampires (Johnny Depp, Alice Cooper, Joe Perry), The Darkness, The Dammed

Last Concert – The Darkness

Best Concert – Iron Maiden

Worst Concert – some bloke painting pictures on stage before Kiss…..

Loudest Concert – Kiss

Seen the most – Alice Cooper, The Darkness

Most surprising concert – Lynyrd Skynyrd

Next concert – The Darkness ???????

Wish I had seen them – David Bowie during the Ziggy Days

Top of wish list (can still see them) – Journey

Hawklad got two positive things from me. His eyelashes and his taste in music….. Ok time for his Gnarly Old Dad to have a go…..

First Concert – Whitesnake, Samson

Last Concert – The Darkness

Best Concert – can’t choose Tin Machine (David Bowie), Whitesnake (City Hall, Newcastle), Iron Maiden, Rory Gallagher, Pink Floyd, Lynyrd Skynyrd, Scorpions (supporting Deep Purple at Knebworth)

Worst Concert – Meatloaf with a broken leg, that bad he got bottled off stage. To be fair seen him twice more and he was really good.

Loudest Concert – Motörhead

Seen the most – Whitesnake

Most surprising concert – Tina Turner…. Ok that’s a big bad fib…. I took Hawklad’s Mum to see Ronan Keating (twice), whisper it, he was not bad at all.

Next Concert – The Darkness ???????

Wish I had seen them – Led Zeppelin or Leonard Cohen

Can still see them – AC/DC

52 thoughts on “Music and Concerts

  1. Hawklad has some pretty amazing taste in music, way to go Gary! I hope the two of you will be able to enjoy the concert in December. 🙏

    And love the WWE Reference. Life’s inspirations come from all places!

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  2. Last Concert – Does Greenbelt “Festival” count as a concert?

    Best Concert – Seen lots of artists in my youth, never recalling their names and any music and all were the best at the time.

    Worst Concert – Greenbelt, 1986 was the worst ever, ever, ever!!! 💩

    Loudest Concert – The one I nearly went to, but that the teens going in made me feel bloody ancient and the loudness of the music could be heard from the gate! 😬 So it might have been Wakestock Festival, where Dizzee Rascal was the headline, but I turned back 🤦 and went onto the peace and quiet of Mynydd Mawr campsite, with a brilliant view of Bardsey island.

    Seen the most – I claim memory lapse due to lots of dancing, pogoing… 🏃‍♀️

    Most surprising concert – The beginning of Showaddywaddy playing in a pub backintheday.

    Next concert – Ain’t gonna ‘appen, especially if it is jazz or loud or with other people squished together, even if they all wore masks. 😷 😷 😷 😷 😷 😷 😷

    Wish I had seen them – System of a Down, Download Park 2005. 🥁

    Top of wish list (can still see them) – Ain’t gonna ‘appen now, not with all those other people breathing 🗣 in the same 👨‍🚀 space! 👻 💀 ☠️


  3. Despite living in Canada, where big names are expensive as hell, I have managed to see Eric Burdon many times over the years, the last time just a few years ago. I have seen other entertainers, but none of them count.
    The best was the concert in Winnipeg at the Playhouse, where his arrival was late because of bad weather in Toronto. He phoned ahead to say there would be a concert no matter how late it started. We waited over two hours for him to arrive, not even sure which group he was playing with at the time, but instead of his two hour concert, he played for over four hours to make up for lost time. Even then, he only stopped because the theatre turned off the electricity. He sang his heart out that night.
    The band I never got to see him with was War. I was never in the right place at the right time.
    As rockers go, in my opinion of course, Eric never put on a bad show. He always sang his heart out.

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      1. I used the word entertainer to describe him on purpose. He sings, assuredly, his bands play, they certainly do. But I for one come away knowing I was entertained. Not sure if your musical pleasures include blues/rock, but if you ever get the chance, to the best of my knowledge he is still doing some shows every year.

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  4. I don’t have Hawklad’s anxieties, but I get overloaded in crowds… except at concerts. I’ve probably seen Green Day the most. Daughter’s favorite band🤷🏼‍♀️ They *DO* put on an excellent show!
    I’ve seen so many, I’ve forgotten half of who I’ve seen over the years. I’m trying to put together a list😂😂😂

    Maybe Hawklad will be okay at the show. Concerts are Magic😉 and he’s always felt more okay at a show than any other public gathering, right?

    Keeping fingers, toes, eyes etc crossed for you guys🤞🎶💃🏼


  5. What a fun post! Here are my responses:

    First Concert – Shania Twain in 4th grade

    Last Concert – Trans Siberian Orchestra (virtually last year) or Breaking Benjamin as last in person one

    Best Concert – Shinedown

    Worst Concert – Staind (lack of audience interaction really disappointed me)

    Loudest Concert – Disturbed

    Seen the most – Nickelback

    Most surprising concert – Shinedown

    Next concert – ???

    Wish I had seen them – Backstreet Boys (didn’t have the money as a teen as I do now and seeing them at this age doesn’t seem like it’d be the same as back then)

    Top of wish list (can still see them) – Trans Siberian Orchestra in person or The HU

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