Well the most has gone. That might even be the smallest patch of blue sky.

Can you spot the bird of prey gatecrashing the photo.

No zoom on the mobile, so this is the best I can do. The Gatecrasher.

I meet this gatecrasher every morning when I come down this lane, usually sat on the overhead power line. Such a thrill.

Soon we were on the road to the local wildlife park. A New Year Day Tradition which went on covid hold last year. This year we will arrive as it opens, wear masks and keep our distances. To protect others. Make sure we leave before the crowds arrive. The two of us have done this every year since Hawklad was a toddler. Just the two of us. His mum always decided to give it a miss, preferring a day at home. Maybe TV. Maybe catch up on sleep. It is an early start and a 90 minute drive. A quiet house can be very appealing. If she had realised time was so limited would she have stayed at home. Put things off repeatedly for another year.

I think I know the answer to that…..

Some choices you don’t get a second crack at them.

28 thoughts on “New Years Day.

  1. You really don’t get a second crack at it. May we learn to really live and soar– like that bird of prey– while there’s still breath in our lungs. Glad you and Hawklad hold on to those traditions. You really are a Superdad. Keep up the good work! Thank you for sharing inspiration, encouragement, truth and hope. ❤

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  2. Never a good idea to do the what if, could ‘ave, would ‘ave, should ‘ave… For we just have to see it all as is and love it all as was. It worked for that moment and that’s that. This is now beloved BABASP and such a wonderful, beautiful now it is *warts and all.


  3. Happy new year, Gary and Hawklad. I’m glad you got to do the tradition this year in a safe way. I hope this year is a better one for you both!


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