Guess what. More mist…..

So Hawklad’s School Production Line Report arrived today. His best subjects ranked by school as his worst subjects, possible fails. His weakest subjects ranked better. Lots of random grades and targets. No pattern.

Then a pattern.

The few subjects where the teacher has looked at his work. Made suggestions. Actually tracked his work while he has been away from the classroom, tried to be proactive, these are his highest ranking subjects on the report. The subjects that are no more than borderline fails are the subjects where the teacher effectively has not been there for Hawklad during his homeschooling days. The subjects featuring no marking, no feedback, at best just minimal work sent out.

Does this show the inaccuracies of a metrics based report without any context.

Does it just show that because of the excessive teacher workloads, those pupils away from the classroom just suffer educationally.

Does it show that some teachers still fall back on assumptions. Pupils with unique educational needs are just shoehorned into the bottom set, labelled low attainment. Much more productive to spend teaching time on other pupils

Does it show a school system ravaged by a pandemic.

Does it show the way forward for Hawklad.

I’m not sure yet. I’m kind of too tired to process all this yet. But it’s clear as we move into the new year, to me Hawklad is making massive strides forward especially given the challenges he is having to deal with. It’s also yet another year which starts with the a school system which for whatever the reason, apparently isn’t delivering for Hawklad. Another year of battles with school.

HAPPY NEW YEAR, let’s all dust ourselves down and go again. We can do this.

58 thoughts on “New year

  1. You’re still super, Superdad. Yes, as much as we are somewhat afflicted by systems that aren’t working we must dust ourselves off. We CAN do this. We’re not alone. ❤❤

    “I (Jesus) have said these things to you, that in me you may have peace. In the world you will have tribulation. But take heart; I have overcome the world.” –John 16:33 (ESV)

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  2. Best on my schooling experience, I would say that there are probably a wide range of teachers. Those who do just see it as a job, some who see it as a calling, some who just do not care and some who have favourites. So the rest of us are always falling short. Can you guess about my schooling? lol. Students will ALWAYS do better with the classes where the teachers care. In Year 12 (senior year in Australia) a teacher finally realised that I did have Dyslexia. I, unfortunately, began High School with the first group at this high school, that gave special classes to “smarter” student. So the rest of us got left behind.

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  3. I really do think students benefit from knowing their teacher is vested. I am always glad Hawklad has you in his corner to help him navigate the larger systems and world. I am sending you and your son lots of care and good wishes as we enter 2022. ❤

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  4. Happy new year. It sucks that the system doesn’t look out for all their students and just do what is easiest for them.


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