I have to admit that I am not in the slightest bit upset about Hawklad avoiding a return to the classroom this week. He is not ready. As new covid cases average 200,000 a day. That’s a number that doesn’t include the large number of people getting reinfected, it’s also at a time when many with symptoms can’t get tested. The worry is schools have been closed for 2 weeks, what happens when the variant hits the classroom. Without schools, today in England 157 children were hospitalised with Covid.

Apparently schools are safe and the Government has done everything to protect the children and those who work in them. Reluctantly they have reintroduced masks. Pupils will be tested twice a week if schools can get hold of the test kits. And with a big fanfare it’s been announced that 7000 ventilation units will be finally purchased for schools.

UK classrooms are frequently cramped and poorly designed. We also have some of the largest class sizes across Europe.

One problem with that announcement is that there are over 32000 schools in the UK. Let’s say each school has 10 classrooms, Hawklad’s school has well over 50. So which of those 300000 plus classrooms will get the 7000 ventilation units. That’s a lot of cramped, over crowded classrooms left with inadequate air quality levels. Good indoor ventilation is seen as a key defence against an airborne virus. As one headteacher pointed out, the Government could have put in a ventilation unit into EVERY classroom for half the cost of the new Royal Yacht, which the Government is buying. The Yacht is seen as an essential purchase. Our children clearly aren’t……

36 thoughts on “It’s safe to go back.

  1. How many children or grandchildren of BoJo’s fellow party members are currently in the school system. How many of his friend’s have school-age chidren or grandchildren? Those classrooms will be the first recipients. The leftovers, if there are any, will go to schools with large BoJo voting populations. Your question was rhetorical, wasn’t it?


  2. The statistics and classroom situations you share are so troubling and a solid argument about a Royal Yacht, a new one at that. Misguided priorities! Stay healthy and safe.


      1. We’re losing our mind and sanity with a return to virtual schooling this week and your comment/post really resonates in particular. Just sheer sheer madness.


  3. Governments globally seems to be failing/disappointing. More and more things just don’t make any sense all. Truly crazy times we live in. Sending love-&-light.


  4. Over a decade of austerity has really come home to roost during this pandemic.
    Ventilation in schools should have been a priority from the beginning instead we got “open the windows”.
    Don’t get me started on the yacht…


  5. And what have we learned in the last two years? Oh my…priorities are screwed up. I’m so sorry. It’s not good over here so we’ll hang on to hope and stick together in prayers and practicality. ❣️🙏🏻


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