Cold start to the day.

It’s been a day filled with worries. Hawklad gets these days where he just feels like he’s trying to run constantly into a headwind. He woke up with worries. School lessons added to those. The longer he stayed inside the worse things got. So it was time to abandon school for the day. Let’s see what a walk brings.

At least being outside helped stop the stream of new worries. That’s a start….l.

But if you look hard enough there is always something to lift the spirits. To bring a laugh.


34 thoughts on “Bang

  1. Excellent – best of the northern humour! I remember some time ago, must be 15 years ago now. On a rare Father/Son holiday. My dad and l were walking down a road and we came across a barbed wire fence and strung up on the wrire were perhaps a hundred funny looking strips of … leather maybe, cloth perhaps?

    My dad and l were looking at this is complete and utter bewilderment and eventually after about fove minutes l ventured “i think these are some kind of rodent skins dad!”

    Baffled we walked on and then about fifteen foot further we came across that read

    “Human Intruders will be shot BUT Bloody moles will be skinned, drawn and quartered and hung for all to see! You have been warned pesky moles!!”


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