The first flowers of 2022. Winter might not be over but it feels much more manageable now.

There is a local saying here – The first snowdrops bring the first real snow. We shall see but the sledge is ready to fly down the hill. One of the advantages of a large posterior is that once the sledge gets going, wow does it get going.

Sill waiting for the school week to get going. Hardly any work provided today but that means Hawklad can set his own learning agenda. It necessarily great for his exams but much better for his own development. So while he was learning about multi universe theory (that’s not the Marvel version) I could go outside. Outside on my hands and knees. Checking at the beautiful new arrivals. That definitely feels more satisfying than the usual Monday school lesson day.

53 thoughts on “Snowdrops

  1. Ach! All you southerners! (Anyone below the 55th Latitude N.!) Not even Groundhog Day on Wednesday can bring Spring any sooner than May, if we are lucky.
    But, what the hell! ENJOY YOURSELVES,

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      1. Oh now that’s started my memory off. As there’s a terrible chat up line in there somewhere. I recall being asked about if I had any 🐉 Welsh in me, then if I’d like some? Obviously someone cruising for a bruising.


    1. I find it’s thick clouds 🌨️ moisture in the air and a constant low temperature for a while of around three degrees. That’s my indicator of snow ❄️❄️❄️ {{{giggles}}} Three Degrees.


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