This is a perfect place to come and hide from the madness that is England. A country that feels like it’s unraveling in from of my angry eyes, all while Nero parties and plays his fiddle while everything burns around him. He is laughing at us all, he is mocking us all. How much worse can it get. How did we let this happen. Thankfully we still have places like this tranquil lake that have not yet been corrupted.

33 thoughts on “Mocking

  1. Beautiful photo. Wish I were there right now rather than looking out on snow. Though we don’t have a great deal of it. Our Prime Minister is mocking us now, calling our huge truckers’ protest for freedom, and saying that they and those who support them have unacceptable thoughts. The mayor of Ottawa has called a state of emergency because of the completely peaceful and respectful protest. Someone in the Ottawa city council called it an insurrection. It’s madness I’ve never seen before.


  2. All governments screw up. This government is no different to the last to the last to the last to the last and etc etc.


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