Why is school so vexing. Do all parents end up feeling this way.

Important exams start tomorrow. Well I think they start tomorrow. This is based on three bits of evidence

1) One teacher has sent a calendar invite for something called an ‘Exam’ is his subject. To be fair to him he has also sent some revision notes. I can live with that…..

2) Many of the other classes have disappeared, I assume they have been revising.

3) A PE teacher emailed Hawklad’s Year Group this evening to tell them that Netball was cancelled tomorrow due to ‘your exams in the main hall’.

So important Exams I guess start tomorrow. Not sure if Hawklad is sitting them or not. Can we do them at home or not. If so are they online or written. When are they. What happens if he is not sitting them. Why are they important.

We wait with baited breath for news. Yes, school is most VEXING.

26 thoughts on “Vexing exams

      1. I might be tempted to send the same letter to the school, local authority, the Ombudsman, my MP (well not our local one he is a twat who supports the hunt). Something along the line of: Don’t pass my son’s education from pillar to post. As currently it might be said that my son is being denied a full-time education (things not being sent, not enough help) and that it might said to be (Disability Discrimination) under the Equality Act. My son needs to be provided with educational provision that will make it equitable to those actually able to attend that do not have special educational needs. Here I quote: Section 19, Education Act (1996)[2] “Each local authority shall make arrangements for the provision of suitable education at school or otherwise than at school for those children of compulsory school age who, by reason of illness, exclusion from school or OTHERWISE, may not for any period receive suitable education unless such arrangements are made for them” Please make arrangements that my son is provide SUITABLE education material, so that he gets as good an education as the other children that are able to attend school and do not have special educational needs.


  1. They are making it impossible for you to keep track. It’s so unfair. They are so out of touch with reality. Or maybe they are overworked, over burdened. The government is at fault, I am sure. Bastards.

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  2. In Singapore, parents suffer alongside their children for Primary School Leaving Exams (PSLE). Our math exams for 12 year olds are so so tough that degree holder parents tutoring their kids cannot answer it too.


    1. Yesterday, even though I had a head/eyes injury, I stupidly filled my “rest” time with what I thought would be a thirty minute online test for work. It was actually an hour and a half test that once you start, you had to keep going! I hated the maths of it and it made my head hurt! It would have done so, even if I hadn’t had the head/eyes injury. So much for “rest” so I am stupid after all. Still, today is another day and I’m still Over Soil.



      1. Awww sorry to hear of your head/eye injury. Please take care. No one is stupid as we are all born with unique gifts. Those who are numerate have good literacy skills.


      2. Thanks Lovely, I’ve still got another day of rest, before going back to work tomorrow. I’m chilling out, eating cake and letting the world just get on with it.


  3. I cannot believe how you are left alone in the dark. You are right, why are they important, when it doesn’t seem necessary to have everyone on board.


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