I told you that we had a modest home. 不不不不不

Our fish pond Is hardly with having in our little box garden.

Ha, in my dreams.

Castle Howard might just be a bit out of our mortgage league.

I think it was back in 2004 when we watched Tom Jones sing here. In fact probably not more than 100 yards from this very spot. That bloke can sing.

It was a very different life back then. Life moves on. I wonder if my Tom LP still plays. Maybe thats my housework backdrop tomorrow. Problem is that I cant sing like Tom, actually I cant sing like any known living creature. My version of the Green Green Grass of Home has been listed as a paranormal event. Dont even begin to think about my attempt to screech Its Not Unusual, thats an extinction level event.

Unfortunately Hawklad has acquired my dulcet tones. So hes inherited my thick eyelashes and weaponised voice from me. I wonder if he acquired Aspergers from me as well. But thankfully thats so far is all hes got from me.

Lucky boy..

40 thoughts on “Tom Jones

    1. Not true. I can tell the difference between high and low voices, but what the hell is a note? I couldn’t recognize one if it hit me in the ear! Back in the 60s I met a studio producer who, knowing my desire to front a band, told me in the studio he could make anyone sound good. And I love to sing. So I let him convince me to try. It didn’t take even 5 minutes before he ran me out of that studio, and told me to never come back! Some people just cannot sing!
      I finally met a woman who cannot sing either. We sing to each other all the time. Our ears do not hear what makes other people run away screaming. To us we do just fine.


      1. If youre both happy, thats all that matters. Having taught all sorts of singers, mostly beginners or people too shy to sing in public, dont rule it out though!


    1. But did you ever throw your panties at him in concert? Beyond the second row, panties could not reach the stage! What happened to all of them? And what makes wo en throw their panties anyway? Who would want them?


  1. Never liked Tom Jones, sorry, but nope. I have for many years now, used one of his songs to indicate that the money in the jukebox is running out and it’s about time we left. It’s a bit like having that dreaded slow dance song come on and you know the big lights are about to come on.
    Maybe next time the final selection will include this as the last option:


  2. I’m smirking and shaking my head at the first sentence. I don’t understand your Yorkshire accent in the second sentence… but I get the gist of it. 不不不 and I’m laughing about your singing. Can we hear you live in concert? 不不不 I’ll sign up to be your fan club president. Stay out of the rain Superdad. 喇喇


  3. Tom Jones karaoke – foundation for every great singer.
    Castle Howard is so….so….what’s the word? You know when people show off with their material wealth to make up for other inadequacies. You are so much better than that.
    Still it is a lovely pile of bricks! Not too shabby at all.

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  4. Ah, the things we pass on to our kiddos. My love for music got passed on most definitely, but their ability to play/sing…I think that came from grandparents. I use to sing a bit at church (emphasis on bit )but nowhere near what they can.


      1. If it is my range (low alto) and I can pick up on a song by ear, it works out all right. Yes, could be. Families do tend to share a lot of traits.


  5. I loved early Tom Jones, until he sang Delilah. How could a Yonex like a song about a guy killing a girl just for cheating on him? Women are not chattel, or cattle, even though it was once believed they were.


  6. I literally laughed out loud at your post. Thank you for that. I needed it today. And I’m sure your voice is beautiful in it’s own way. Although I am curious what “extinction level” would sound like. Have a blessed night!


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