Local bird life….

First mock exam at home highlighted a clear issue. School have tried to give Hawklad some schooling at home. School subjects better than others. But it’s clear that the classroom based pupils have covered way more areas than have been provided to Hawklad. Too many missing lessons. Too many 90 minute teaching lessons where Hawklad gets one out of focus photograph of some random writing on a whiteboard.

This is not a rant at school. Trying to keep teaching 800 pupils during a pandemic will have been a nightmare, especially when they have had so little support from the Government. In 2022 surely we should have a seamless education system that works for every pupil. If a child is not able to attend school or school doesn’t suit them, then surely we should have things like complete online resources that provide a full education. Resources for teachers, parents, pupils at school, those at home. But we don’t. Bits are there, large bits are missing. Bits are easy to find, many bits are as well hidden as the Holy Grail. Bits are free, bits are hid behind pay walls. It’s all a bit of a mess. That is not a surprise here. Years of cut backs. A Government committed to Victorian based education. Factory production lines for our children. Schools told to force all children back into classrooms as soon as possible. Schools told to focus on back to basics education. Schools told not to offer alternative teaching methods. Fines for parents.

It shouldn’t be like this. This is 2022 and we could over so much to every child.

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  1. I dread what the future will look like. Critical thinkers are needed now and will be just as needed in future decades. I’m so sorry Hawklad is not receiving all the help he should be getting. Sending hugs and sympathy. I cannot even begin to imagine how frustrating it must be for both of you.

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  2. I agree the schooling in the United Kingdom is poor, but Labour equally as much as Conservative haven’t done much to improve the system and the antiquated and Victoriania presence overall. Labour had a very sound campaign and the time to support their “Education, Education, Education” slogans, and yet what did they actually achieve? Truth be known not a great deal, they continued to keep in place many of the existing practices.

    Yes we need changes but l do not think that we have the government policies from either body to make them.

    On some levels Britain still ranks very high with regards to education especially on an international level and we always run a close second to the education system in the USA.

    Labour made certain improvements when they were not on about WOMD of course which occupied a lot of their attentions for years.

    However, the schooling system need a huge input and update and that may be some time before it is seen sadly. Yes it is 2022, but we still have a pandemic and we still have major shortfalls in mental health supportive administrations too.

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      1. Yes it has. It is now so broken. I opted to go with independant parties locally and l will not cast my vote on the two big players anymore. I have lost all confidence in them.

        All industry is now suffering due to cockups galore. Education, NHS, Mental Health, Policing, Military , Environmental … the list is endless.


  3. Sadly I think everyone is so busy just keeping up they lack the time to get a better overview on what would work.. It seems like you are in a perfect position to advise them but then I guess that they just do not even think to do that.. which is really sad.. I adore that photo of the swans.. ❤

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