A proper garden…

Sometimes not weeding is the right approach.

Tomorrow is one of those school video meetings. 9 minutes with the schools lead Special Education Teacher. So much to discuss in just NINE minutes. Where’s the support. What are the options if Hawklad can’t sit exams. Scope for one to one tuition. Let’s see what comes of it.

Today was supposed to be a mock exam but nothing came from school. Maybe they aren’t allowed to send it out, maybe it’s coming later. Another one for the 9 minute discussion.

So without a home exam to sort out it was time to do a spot of gardening. Well look at the garden. Surely looking and planning counts as gardening. As I was doing that hands free gardening I managed to find some lost (or dognapped) property. Numerous socks, a slipper, a plastic dog bowl, several balls and bizarrely a pair of my pants…. I can’t remember losing them while weeding.

25 thoughts on “Weeding

  1. Sounds like there’s more than gardening happening in that backyard, Gary. 😆

    Good luck with the meeting. It’s ridiculous that you only get 9 minutes. I hope you get as many of the productive answers that you are seeking. 🙏


  2. How do they come up with 9 minutes. Why not 10? I want to come over there and bash your school! I agree weeds are good. Encourage them! Did your pants just fly off the drying line? Had you not missed them? That is very funny.


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