Just looking at a postcard I received this week.

One lucky soul had made it to Switzerland. Apparently it was a bit of a nightmare journey – that was just trying to get out of England. One of the many benefits of Brexit is clearly enhanced chaos and delays at the Border. A border which we had so struggled to live without for decades. I must admit a thought crossed my increasingly tired mind. We are most definitely on the wrong side of that new border. Maybe one day Europe beckons.

Looking at the postcard it reminds me that adventures are still there to be had. Switzerland is ready and waiting. Yes it will be a logistical and parenting nightmare getting Hawklad there, even more so these days. But it has been far too long since our last trip. Far too long. Wow we could do with those alpine days right now. Let’s hope it’s not much longer now.

38 thoughts on “Swiss Sunday

  1. I know little about Switzerland and have had no real desire to go there, but your post is the second I have seen this week and the pictures make it look so beautiful. Maybe I will add it to my list of places to visit. Thanks

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  2. Any life that’s so fraught with exhaustion and overwork and stress will welcome the peace, the fresh quiet and the beauty of Switzerland, a balm for the soul. I hope Switzerland works out for you some day. Today, even I long for a Switzerland here.

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  3. Crossing my fingers tightly, Gary. Yesterday we were invited for a 25th anniversary. The location was at a gorgeous place with a view of a breathtaking mountain chain. I don’t know if it works but I try to add a photo in the comment.

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      1. Yes, it worked 👍 It was stunning to see that mountain chain from this perspective. Normally I only see it from the valley when I drive to Zurich or back.


  4. All that beautiful water… and the Rainbow🌈 😍 that landscape is better than a pot of gold!

    Those Brexit folks… 🤐 nawp, nawp, nawp! Nah goan say nuffink bout dem. Goan keep me trap shut!

    Hawklad looks a little nervous around that bull statue. I don’t blame him. I’ve had “inanimate” suddenly jump in my path and injure me on several occasions. Statue smatue… I don’t trust ’em😉 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

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  5. Beautiful pictures and it looks like a really pleasant place to visit, I personally don’t know much about it but it looks really interesting and peaceful.
    I hope that 1 day you are able to spend some time there and bask in the precious memories that you have.
    Happy Fathers Day, I hope that you enjoyed your day and that it was restful for you 😊 ❤️

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  6. I was a walking holiday to the Jungfrau area a month ago. This is where some of the pictures have been taken. It was stunning. Every view is like a picture on a calendar or chocolate box. We also saw the marmots who live in burrows, particularly under the ski gondolas because the birds of prey find it a bit more difficult to catch them with the overhead wires blocking their trajectory. We did not have any travel difficulties which was a blessing.


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