The weather is unusually settled here. The garden water tubs are nearly empty. What is going on, this is Yorkshire….

Not much of the much advertised heatwave so far. It finally arrived on Saturday and went Saturday. It was a bizarre day. Started warmish. Then just after midday the wind dropped and the temperature rocketed up. The garden thermometer hit 30C. Don’t laugh but that’s as far as the thermometer will go. Guess where that piece of technology was made. It didn’t have to travel too far… Yorkshire clearly doesn’t go past 30C.

But then just 4 hours later. We were outside enjoying an ice lolly and suddenly the wind picked up and changed direction . Within minutes we had to go inside for warmer clothes. It was Yorkshire cool again. A 4 hour heatwave…….

If only other things were settled.

Work is a nightmare as we are losing staff through COVID quicker than ever. Apparently it’s over……

Village life is in uproar as there are tentative plans to build houses on one side of the small village. How many. Well for a village of about 100 odd buildings, the idea is to add another new 130 homes ….. I can sense the pitchforks getting sharpened……

Car. The thirsty car now costs over £100 to fill up with diesel. The home fuel oil tank costs nearly £1000 to fill up now. Living is getting crazily expensive……

School mostly has disappeared. The work provided has in many subjects just completely dried up. Have they run out of things to teach Hawklad. Talk about feeling cut adrift…..

Yes definitely could do with some of that settled stuff.

35 thoughts on “Settled

  1. I rarely go anywhere, most times it is to take my mother somewhere as she no longer drives. My son is pretty much self taught. He left public high school for the local college to earn his high school and while he did attend a local trade school, everything else he has learned on his own. He found his interests and then built on it from there. I cannot help but believe he did better that way than through formal (?) educators.
    And even here, they are building houses everywhere they can. Its frustrating when they build a hundred plus development on roads not meant to handle that amount of traffic.

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  2. hmm.. There was a plan in the area we lived in before re houses. How it was some MP’s greatest wish to see houses all the way from a certain area to another area completely changing ye old world rural charm forever with Persimmon homes or something. . .Of course the wassock never lived in any of these areas. We fought him and the plan on the infrastructure as in the existing resources, not to mention the fact that the road through a whole bit of this was already subsiding. I imagine that the amount of existing houses might not be enough on this one re school, shops, GP places etc.–we won–but I am sure there will be something to sharpen the pitchforks with. But truly?? As if it ain’t hard enough right now to get by, they do like to pitchfork on the misery don’t they?

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  3. You know what they say about reaching the end of your rope, don’t you? Tie a knot and hang on. If you need more rope I’ve got some to spare now that I’m on the downhill side of Covid. Hang in there.

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  4. Cutting Hawklad free from organized school might be the best thing that can happen. It wasn’t doing much for him anyway, from what you have said. Are there home tests you can give him, at his leisure, to see how he is doing, compared to the kids in school? I bet he will outrank them all on the subjects he cares about.

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  5. Worry about tomorrow, robs the peace and creativity of this day. Be awesome, happy, hilarious, curious or whatever takes your fancy in kindness of the moment with an emphasis on contentedness. That’s how to stay settled in an ever changing world. Me? I’m building me a cob oven in the garden, for when putting the oven on for bread making costs as expensive as driving the car.


  6. In higher elevations last weekend there was snow and ice. Here I actually turned a heater on yesterday which is unheard of this time of year, but I’ll take this over 30C any day! Still, I hope things warm back up a bit for you there and I hope those tentative plans don’t come to be!


  7. We’re expecting 33° today, but I’m not gonna complain. I’ll save that for when we get into the 40s later in the summer. I’ll complain about the baking heat, and the electricity bill from running the AC units. Our electricity cost nearly tripled this year. I guess the Suits in charge need 3rd or 4th vacation homes🙄🤦🏼‍♀️

    I’m surprised Hawklad is still thinking about school. Is it a Summer program or does the school year just run longer there? Ben is done with 8th grade, is in Summer Program now, and officially starts High School in the Fall😲
    I just can’t even…🤪 Who authorized this??? I don’t giving permission for him to grow up so fast!☹️



  8. Gas prices are horrifying everywhere. Here they blame our government. For my grandson, schoolwork has not disappeared, but because behavioral issues accompany his autism, the school has forced him to be home-schooled. Willie loves school. We have hired a lawyer. It’s bad enough that he’s always excluded from field trips and was put in another classroom during his school prom.


    1. I bet they didn’t really involve you in the process. School decided not to apply for extra funding for support for him because they didn’t think there was anything he needed. They never asked him or me.. I’m so sorry for you. Thinking of you


  9. At least, your house doesn’t get too hot and you have problems getting the heat out again. But I hope that some more summer days are coming up for you. I am really sorry that right now, so much is coming together. I hope that there will soon be a noticeable relaxation in at least some areas.


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