Somebody likes a good old water fight. Sends the crazy one even crazier.

Being crazy is hot work, especially when it’s HOT. The little garden weather station reached the big four zero.

That is ridiculous. Maybe not for some places but for Yorkshire, seriously ridiculous. I know it’s unofficial and inaccurate but for what it’s worth, that temperature would have smashed the old UK hottest ever recorded temperature. Many places here officially smashed the old record on Tuesday.

What’s the old Kipling line – mad dogs and Englishmen go out in the midday sun.

Well briefly…..

A quick water fight and a well earned ice pop under the shade of the old apple tree, then it was back inside again. NO this is not just a summer thing. This has never been a Yorkshire Summer, not even close.

What have we done.

When are those in charge going to take this seriously.

Our so called Prime Minister skipped an emergency weather planning meeting so he could focus fully on organising a celebration party for himself……. Surely no sane person would ever vote for these self obsessed chancers.

That thought should make all our blood boil. It better do and fast because if it doesn’t then the blood of our future generations will definitely BOIL.

74 thoughts on “Ridiculous

  1. My little cat in America cannot bear this heat we’re going through, and me in a hovel with no A/C — the devil is among us.


  2. I feel for your beautiful dog. My cat in America cannot stand this heatwave we’re going through — stuck with me in a hovel without A/C.


  3. I feel for your beautiful dog. My little cat in America cannot stand this heatwave we too are going through — and stuck with me in a hovel without a/c. If she didn’t hate going in the car I’d take her for a spin in the a/c’d Jeep.


  4. People are playing political games here. Our House keeps passing bills, but they die in then Senate. Nothing gets passed into law.

    They all live their lives cushioned from the reality of having to LIVE in the mess. They don’t serve the people, they serve the money & power.

    It’s disgusting!


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    1. Vote them out. Get all your friends out to vote too. This may be a Mid-Term election, but if voters don’t think this election is crucial, there might never be another election again.


      1. If only the rest of the country was so lucky. I cannot believe after almost 250 years your national government is not in charge of its own elections. With the way I hear money is thrown around down there, billions on this and trillions on that, surely you can afford to run a safe election once every four years.


  5. Your part of the world is frequently making the headlines over here for your alarming weather. You’re right that your leaders need to take it more seriously. Hope you all continue to stay safe and well!

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  6. I can’t begin to tell you how important it is, that you hold onto Hawklad and Pupstar right now ❤ Maybe not literally though, lol. Keep yourselves hydrate and as cool as you can ❤


  7. The development does scare me out of my skin at times. We reached a bad spiral that only makes climate change worse… when will there be put strict measures, eventually? But politics stay politics…


  8. Hot here too Gary. Maya loves to play with the water hose. We haven’t got a sprinkler yet from where she grabs it but the nozzle blew off yesterday and she was chasing the green snake all over the garden!


      1. That’s sad. Did you ever get it sorted? After our first disastrous attempt at giving Maya a shower, we encouraged her at every opportunity when we had one and out in the garden. Now she doesn’t mind it. When we first had her, she would put her feet in her water bowl and tip it over. We got a weighted one and she did the same, so Hubby put a screw in the rim of the bowl that slots under the frame of her feeding station and drilled a hole for a nut and bolt on the top side of the frame itself.


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