It’s Friday…

It’s Friday in JULY…

It’s the last day of the school year.

And WOW am I going to have a WHINGE. A RIGHT WHINGE. A Guinness Book of Records size WHINGE. Yes a REALLY REALLY REALLY big WHINGE. But this time it’s not about School. It’s not about my so called Football Team. It’s not about the rising price of everything. It’s not about clothes manufacturers making the size of clothes I normally buy, smaller so I don’t fit in them anymore….. It’s not about U2. Its nit about Alvin and The Chipmunks. It’s not even about the incompetent, corrupt Government.

It’s July. I will say it again. It’s Pigging JULY ……

So how come someone sent a CHRISTMAS related email this morning. Castle Howard you have officially made the NAUGHTY LIST.

NO I do not want to buy tickets today for Christmas.

The Elf’s are hibernating. Santa and Mrs Santa are on the beach somewhere in the Caribbean. Rudolf and buddies are busily making little reindeers in a field somewhere hot and steamy. It’s not Christmas for another 156 days, SO WHY have I got a Christmas Email in JULY.


58 thoughts on “It is July…..

  1. There have been times in the past years when Christmas has come upon me months before December, either in the form of deep longing for the season or in mystically hearing voices singing Christmas carols! So far this year it has not. But clearly in your case, someone thinks you should look at December in July😁😁😁


      1. Right after I told you that Christmas hasn’t come early for me yet, we had to make our nearly 2 hour trip to church for Mass. And guess what? Our daughter played us Christmas carols all the way😄


  2. I gotta agree, July is really really TOO early! I wish they’d wait until after Thanksgiving in US, or Halloween at least, but it’s starting earlier and earlier🤦🏼‍♀️🤦🏼‍♀️
    It’s all about the 💰🤑 ☹️


  3. such consumerism surrounds holidays anymore, its taken a lot of joy away from just the simple things. Honestly, they could just call every day of the the year a holiday of some sort and be done with it- most of it is about sales anyway. Ah well….i could use a little snow right about now..its been over 100 degrees most of the week here…


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