A trip out and more on that another day.

But on that trip we came across what can only be described as a RUST BUCKET. Just parked on an average street, a normal busy street. As we walked to our destination this relic jumped out, sadly I think it’s jumping days have long since gone. It’s like it’s been left here for decades, forgotten, slowly being reclaimed by its surroundings.

I don’t feel too bad about my car now. No more can I call that a rust bucket. We have just found a world class heap of RUST.

65 thoughts on “A rust bucket

    1. I’m guessing its vintage is closer to the early or mid 1950s, possibly a Rover 90 or Rover 100. They had some prestige in their day, and it might well have considerable value if restored.

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    1. Under the rust it is a solid piece of metal, unlike the modern car that crumples to stop the passengers taking the impact. I prefer objects taking the crash than people, be they human or otherwise.


  1. That could very well be the very same car, that whilst I was a passenger in the back, it kept driving without a back wheel. All very surreal at the time, seeing the wheel calmly rolling away from us and overtaking a modern bus full of passengers. That was in the summer of 1983. I’ll never forget it and how it seemed like nothing had happened, it’s normal for an old car to keep going on three wheels.


  2. Someone would be so happy to rescue it, I’m sure. Where I live there are relics around every corner. I always feel there must be so much that could be re-cycled if anyone could take the time, but it would need a cash infusion just to start such a venture and that’s something we don’t have. When I see an abandoned relic I start imagining stories of where it went and who rode in it, etc etc.


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