Sadly we haven’t seen too many of these visitors this year. Add that to the almost complete lack of Bees 🐝. Only a few years back our garden was mobbed by garden visitors but not anymore. Very worrying.

A few weeks back we had a day in the garden and we counted insects for a wildlife survey. You count the highest number of insects at any one time and the best we found was

2 Butterflies in the garden at any one time

0 Bees… ZERO, ZIP, we never saw one all day long

We have been doing this local survey for a few years now. The first time we did the survey, was before Covid, before a Trump President thing, we had the following scores

16 Butterflies at one time

14 Bees at one time

Not good, not good at all.

Sadly something which isn’t missing is the use of the death of a family member in TV and Movies, for dramatic effect. Fine, if it’s a drama movie but Kids stuff….. Two nights ago Hawklad was watching a random Disney type movie and without any warning the mum died. I could see the sadness in his eyes. Then today he’s watching a cartoon and guess what, the mum dies. He turned the TV off and went outside.

At least give some warning if the show is aimed at a young audience. Grief is tough enough without the likes of Disney adding to it.

A few minutes later, Hawklad came back in and quietly said “I’m probably going to stick to Tom & Jerry from now on”. I really can’t disagree with him on this one.

79 thoughts on “Missing

  1. Aw, I really feel for him….. and you too.
    Sad about the bees. Everyone has commented here about the sudden abundance of clover everywhere. The bees have been going nuts in the gardens and on the lavender bushes under our window. We’ve seen ground bees, honey bees, and even a couple of the big bumblers. It’s a wonder Maya hasn’t been stung the number she’s been ‘playing’ with.


  2. There is often too much drama in kids’ movies that they cannot handle what they are confronted with. Too much gets stored in a way that may be haunting them in their subconsciousness.


  3. It is worrisome about the bees, I agree!
    And OOH I am sorry about Hawklad, I never understood why kids movies had to have such sad things in them! (((Hugs))) to you both!
    Tom and Jerry are very cool!


  4. I suppose you could start raising bees. It’s quite popular around here -I’d join in, but I’m terrified.

    There’s a local comedy group that started doing YouTube videos (Studio C) that made fun of how Disney ALWAYS kills a family member.
    I think “Wall-E” is safe. “Incredibles,” maybe. When I asked my kids, they pointed out there are some where the parent is ALREADY dead.


  5. Because we live on different hemispheres, I am currently trying to make our garden ready for Spring/Summer. Hoping to bring in some Bees and Butterflies this year. We have a lot of birds though.
    Don’t watch any animal Disney films. Actually, when I think about it. There a lot of sad Disney films.


  6. We live on 2 acres. The decrease in insects has been really alarming. This year, my son decided not to mow behind the house (where most of the land is). It appears to have brought back some, but not all, of them.


  7. I can’t think of the last time I saw a butterfly. We have heaps of bee- and butterfly-friendly plants, and we see bees all the time but rarely butterflies.


    1. It’s really scary, what will it be like for the next generation. That’s the other thing, it used to be worrying about future generations, now it’s the next generation. The timescales have shortened in just a few years. And now we have a PM who is going to phase out many of the environmental standards.

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      1. Oh God, she’s just the worst, isn’t she? Boris Johnson was awful, and so is she but in a different way.


      2. Rumour has it that members of the Tory party deliberately voted in the worst candidate so that she would stuff it up and then Boris could swoop in to save the day and be the big hero. 😬


  8. What plants/flowers/fruits and herbs do you have in your garden currently Gary – how about weeds?

    I have a few of each here currently and have seen an abundance of pollinators and butterflies, in fact maybe less of the latter, and maybe less of the former too, but l have still had them.

    The life cycles of bees and bumbles can fluctuate wildly so it might be a cycling process.

    But also at times flowers don’t have lots of nectar and if that is the case the pollinators and insects and birds are foraging elsewhere.

    Do you have water available in the garden?

    Is a neighbour specifically planting for pollinators around you?

    I get a lot of birds in this garden, l feed a variety of bird feeds and because of this l unintentionally rob other gardens of their birds, the same can happen with pollinators.


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