Well at least it’s a great excuse to make Chilli Pumpkin soup.

It also has a striking likeness to me as well, especially after I put way too much CHILLI in the soup.

All those eons ago, my childhood was bereft of pumpkins. We mainly had what Dad could grow on his allotment and that was definitely never pumpkins. But he most definitely could grow TURNIPS. Lots of them. Lots of especially tough ones that had the same texture as a cannonball. So it was Turnip lanterns and Turnip soup, turnip with everything. I remember trying the ‘I’m allergic to Turnips’ line, but for some reason my parents didn’t buy into that one…. These days I blame my staggeringly good looks on Turnip poisoning.

Happy days….

So if you are ever having a TURNIP Halloween feast, please let me know, I would love to TURNIP for it.

33 thoughts on “Pumpkin

  1. Not turnips, but carving huge swede surely? For the difference is massive or peedie, peedie turnip of white and purple or massive burnt orange swede. Oh wait a cotton pickin’ minute, oh my word it’s happened again, for I just had another light bulb moment!!! All these years I haven’t done that neurotypical recognition thing that “normal” peeps do, I didn’t see the word “Neeps” as a shorthand for turnNeeps. Neeps in Orkney are swede, so I’ve seen both swede and neeps as one and the same, just not “Turnips”. There was another word t’other day and when I remember what it was, I’ll add that to this blog posts comments. It was a word that I did that AdamAnt things peeps like me do, when they’ve believed a thought for a long time and find it hard to let go, but even more so, because of being slightly on the spectrum.


  2. I recently learned that in some countries Jack o Lanterns were made using turnips instead of pumpkins, so that is very cool. Love the carving this year, Gary. Now I have a better idea of what you look like. 😄 Kidding side, happy Halloween to you and Hawklad.


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