Yes it’s been cold here. This cold…

But now a few days of less cold weather. If it’s not going to snow then the weather can keep its pesky ice then….

Snow hasn’t called yet, but Covid finally has. Double whammy, we both caught it. Fortunately so far it’s been just cold like for Hawklad. A weird cold for me. I could almost feel like it was going round the body trying to find a weakness. Throat, then try the nose, then try the head, then the chest, then try the tummy, then try the joints, then back to the throat. Not too bad at all, just annoying.

The other weird thing for me has been TASTE. I can still taste most things but not everything. COFFEE taste missing, CURRY taste missing, CHAI TEA taste missing. It’s bizzare drinking a Coffee and tasting just water. Eating CURRY and getting nothing. I even tried a super strong curry powder I had mistakenly bought one shopping trip. Normally it would have blown my socks off, but now, NOTHING……. But again fortunately, I have started to get the faintest of coffee experiences again this evening, maybe this tasteless period is very temporary. But please tell me ……. why I lost the good tastes like COFFEE yet the horrible Chesty Cough Medicine taste is unaffected…. Maybe this is the time to try Brussels Sprouts and Beetroot, maybe this is the one time I can eat them without pulling a proper face.

So we patiently wait until the tests go negative, at this rate we are going to not get the cards sent off, especially as a two day postal strike is looming. Postal strikes, train strikes, nurse strikes, is there nothing this Corrupt Government can’t purposely screw up.

Stay safe out there, it’s a mad old world.

72 thoughts on “Ice and virus

  1. Oh dear on you both being sick! So sorry but glad its not too bad! Yes, losing the taste of coffee is awful. It was that way with me, .metallic taste in things I drank. Though I did find that orange juice mixed with ginger ale was really good! 😊
    Take it easy! Rest and get well and stay warm!!

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  2. Glad the virus is not too horrible. I was prepared for the taste, aches and tiredness but the itchy feet…drove me mad! Hope it either snows or de-ices, you get your cards sent (I gave that up long ago), and are well enough to have the kind of Christmas you wish for.


  3. Oh no, so sorry that you’ve come down with this just as the Christmas week begins. And with all the weather- and strike-related challenges to boot. It’s a mad old world, all right. If ever you deserved to be able to taste your coffee!


  4. Some friends who have caught covid have mentioned how it affects their sense of smell and taste. In one case it hasn’t returned to normal in over 6 months. I do hope you are more fortunate.

    The wife and I have yet to catch covid, but it’s only a matter of time. We’ve had two scares when we’ve spent time with family who, a day later discovered they had been exposed to an infected person a few days before they spent time with us. Fortunately in both cases they proved negative when tested, but we did isolate at home until that was confirmed. This Christmas we’ll be perhaps at the greatest risk since the pandemic started, as we join family for a Christmas gathering. Many of them, particularly the younger ones are socially very active, so there’s always the risk that one of them might bring covid to the gathering.


  5. Cannot taste coffee? To me that would be wonderful. It is the most foul-tasting liquid in the world, worse than bleach maybe?
    But if I got what you got I would still avoid coffee. Except for one taste as a kid I have never come close to drinking it. The smell gives me severe headaches.
    Anyway, hope you get better soon. Otherwise you can have baloney for xmas dinner and pretend it is turkey, or ham, or whatever your tradition is.


  6. I hope you both will get better soon. I have the same experience as you with the taste. Coffee didn’t taste anything … milk tasted like I had my mouth filled with sugar …


  7. Oh Gary. I am so sorry that both of you caught COVID. I’m glad to hear the symptoms have been mild so far and I hope you both recover fully soon!

    The ice looks cold but also beautiful. The patterns formed on the fencing is so wonderful.

    Sending you both lots of love and hugs for the Christmas weekend ahead. Take good care.


  8. I didn’t know the loss of taste was selective. That’s not fair! Pretty soon I shall be the last person who has not had Covid but I am glad to read that your experience is less dire than some. No one will worry about the Christmas cards. Your pictures of the frost are brilliant. Get well and enjoy Christmas.


  9. Sorry to hear you both caught it. We were surrounded by it and are still keeping our distance from everyone. All tests were negative, but we’re not taking any chances. Keep safe and keep warm.
    Hope you have a good Christmas and Covid buggers off.


      1. It still is, but thank God, (at least over here) it turned from pandemic to endemic. So, we are heading towards another annual “flu”.


  10. Like everyone, I am so sorry for you both! My daughter had long covid; it lasted about four months… Terrible! Over that period she couldn’t taste or smell anything. Yuk…
    Then last month my man K came down with it. He’s still not back to full strength. He also lost a lot of weight. It’s a dreadful thing.
    I do hope that you are both feeling better. And I do hope you don’t try those brussel sprouts… Haha… Can’t stand them.. 🤮


  11. The snow stayed here for a week while the temperature was freezing (the pavements were super scary) and then on Monday when it was warmer, all of the snow and ice disappeared.

    I hope you get your sense of taste back soon – we need you on top form for the 2023 BAKE OFF!!


  12. So sorry you got “the vid”. I hope it somehow eases Hawklad’s anxiety.

    I recently read/posted that brussels sprouts were hybrid in the 90s to remove the bitter taste.. thus why they’re suddenly so popular. I tried a grilled one (with my tastebuds working) and it was okay.

    I hope you get your sense of tasye back soon!!


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