A touch of December icy white.

Generosity can make you smile, give you a warm feeling. Sometimes it can actually give you the giggles.

Just received an email from our much loved and very cheap (😱😱😱) electricity supplier who never ever make massive profits by charging too much…. They are running a scheme where they ask customers to cut power usage during peak times so that we as a country avoid running out of this piped electrical gold. In return customers receive a discount on the next bill.

Well the email from them did give me the giggles. See GENEROSITY even from the unusual sources is a good thing and it even took a bit of strain off the creaking GENERATORS.

£1 currently gets you 1.13 Euros, or 1.20 US Dollars, or 1.64 Canadian Dollars or 100 Indian Rupees. Living the DREAM today🤣🤣🤣🤣

52 thoughts on “Generosity

    1. I think it could be the lucky pound coin used to borrow a trolley at the supermarket. Kept in the little well between the driving seat and the front passenger, safe and sound for shopping days.


  1. Money is money 😊. Maybe think as if it is a goodluck money for 2023. I reayam surprised they spent so much manpower energy in calculating and sending you the mail!


  2. WHOA!!!! Such generosity!!! I’m stunned, my jaw drops, I cannot believe it! Almost an entire £!!! Whatever will you do with it? You and Hawklad could dine out at a classy restaurant for that, yes? 🙄


  3. Just think. If you save up your “savings” for ten years, you might get a free month of heat — in July.
    Our provincial government told us last winter, when natural gas prices were soaring that they would give us a rebate on anything over a certain price, but it would take till September to work it all out. We waited. In September the rate had fallen 1 penny below the price suggested. The g9vernment then told us since the price had fallen, there would be no rebate.
    That was not what they had said in winter, but they pretended it was what they meant. More lieing politicians: Now they are saying they are going to stop the taxes on gasoline, next year! They have not said when next year. There is an election coming in April or May. If they drop the tax at all you can bet it will be two weeks before the election, and if they get reelected they will put it right back on at double the tax.


      1. Giving a job to a guy who already has a job does not help the jobless one bit. And I imagine he is being generously paid to find nothing wrong with anytning or anyone..
        (I made a very appropriate typo, writing “mobless” instead of “jobless”! Mobless, as in those without a mob of criminals to support them. The Conservative Party is full of wealthy criminals!)


      2. As have others been corrupted it seems to be a global pandemic these days. Israel is about to be added to that list, if it wasn’t already on it!


  4. I giggled my friend! I saved last night, too! My “gold” provider shared if we’d all use electricity at non-peak times we would also get a bonus! I can’t wait for my huge gift to arrive! Meanwhile an Arctic blast is coming in an hour…I need to go plug in my extra space heater. 🤔🙃 seriously though, I DO TRY and conserve!! What are you going to do with your big bonus?? 💚💚💚


      1. Thank you so much! I’m staying warm in my wool under layers! Wooly jumper would be awesome. My kitchen sink is the only thing still frozen. Everything else working great! 💚💚🎄🎄🥰🙏🏻🙏🏻 please do that care! Sending warm hugs and prayers to you and Hawklad always!


  5. It probably cost them that amount to send you the notice. I would have snorted. Like when my horrible ex-bank sent me a paper cheque for a refund of $0.38 . The world is full of idiots!


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