At last, some negative COVID tests. Finally the taste of coffee has returned, not fully, but I can taste it now. Spicy foods are still hit and miss, the strongest of curry flavours only produce a bit of a sweet taste but zero spice. With Hawklad his messed up taste is fish related. Prior to COVID he loved fish, now apparently the taste is horrid. Most bizarre. Plus an annoying, never ending, simultaneously blocked and runny nose. But in the scheme of things, luckily a seemingly minor bump into COVID.

As a result a very quiet and isolated festive holiday so far. Hawklad could really do with more social life with friends his own age. Maybe that can come if he gets to College in September. At least meeting with people who can master the rudimentary elements of FIFA23. A game most appreciated by Hawklad during COVID. To me it’s the gaming equivalent of Nuclear Fission and completely beyond my advanced levels of muppetry. How can randomly pressing four buttons and two triggers be so hard…..

In less than a week it’s over and pesky school is back.

That’s such a sobering thought.

77 thoughts on “COVID easing

  1. I am so far behind … I’m so sorry … I didn’t even realize you and Hawklad had Covid!!! I must do better at keeping up! I’m really glad that neither of you required hospitalization, for that would have been a nightmare, and glad you’re getting back on your feet. Happy Holiday, dear friend, and I promise to try to be around more so I don’t miss anything else important. Take care and hugs to both of you!

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  2. It’s such a strange virus, almost an event. Everyone seems to fare differently. My husband was on his back for 36 hours at the onset, I was up, but running a high fever. Later in the months that followed, my hair thinned during the summer, I know now because my fever was high. Thank goodness that a good friend had told me hers did the same. All is back to normal now, but it is such a strange thing to hear how everyone fares. Never lost my taste or smell too much.


  3. Sorry Covid got to both of you Gary. Glad to hear you’re recovering. We’ve been surrounded by it for the past month or so, but seem to have dodged the bullet as all tests were negative. Keep positive and all the best for 2023.


  4. Well you know what they say Gary, what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger 🙂

    I found the booster shot the one before last, if the last was my fourth, then the third l thought was trying to kill me, whilst when l had covod, l too had a mild case and that was a walk in the park, and others can get the same mildness and it knocks then for six. Glad you are okay.


  5. Can finally relate. Totally vaxed and boosted, after having Masked Like Fauci since March 2020, my wife and I finally got Covid this week, this lost week, and the lost dinner at Cafe Azapan in Rehoboth to celebrate our 20th Anniversary thanks to the millions of idiots who don’t give a shit about their fellow travelers on this tiny orb.


  6. Wishing speedy recovery.
    We got Covid infected a couple of days ago but do not really suffer except having a running nose and cough in the night.“
    We make the best of being ill and kind of enjoy it
    The Fab Four of Cley
    🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂


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