Some more rain on the way.

You can never have enough MUD.

Those of a certain age like me think ‘Tiger Feet’ when MUD is mentioned.

Apparently our area is still under a DROUGHT order and we are banned from using hosepipes. 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

How is it possible to lose stuff in a small bungalow. Only so many places to look and still things go missing. Maybe one day I might stumble across a goldmine of lost treasures. This time I was looking for some of mum’s cds. Now that would be a musical goldmine. Sinatra, Martin, Cash, Crosby, Davis Jnr. Where had I stored them in this small bungalow back in 2016. Absolutely no sign of them but I did come across my partners cd’s, quietly collecting dust in one hardly visited corner of this little old building. More music untouched since 2016.

Back 6 years ago those cd’s were far too painful to touch. Today I thumbed through them, without pain.

TIME heals.

With TIME things can change.

Going through these cd’s one thought kept crossing my mind. Wow she had some appalling tastes in music, well at least to an old headbanger like me. Yes there where one or two gems but wow, so much nameless dance club music. I had forgotten just how little our musical likes ever coincided.

With zero chance of most of these cds ever getting played, a decision was made to relocate them to the attic until I can get them to the charity shop.

CDs should be played and not just sit there collecting dust.

‘And not just sit there collecting dust’, thinking about it, you can apply those words to people as well. I should remember that.


57 thoughts on “MUD

      1. Are you like me then? If I lose something, I can’t let go of the search till I find it, or am sure that it’s lost forever?


  1. Hey there, I gotta speak up in defense of dance club music enthusiasts! 😆 I’m glad to hear, in all seriousness, that the memories don’t hurt as much and that time has healed your hurt. Being able to think about giving them away really is a great step forward to healing. So glad to hear that.


  2. Don’t store them away, put them in a bag in the car and that way they will be there ready to drop off. You know that if you put them in the attic, they will stay there and not be of so much use to the charity shop when you do get a round-tuit.

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  3. What are you waiting for?? Put on your Wellies and go stomp in some muddy puddles! Yes, you should Play! Too many adults think play is only for children, but they are wrong. Playing is good for all of us!! Just stay away from climbing structures… falling down hurts more as we get older 🤪😂😂😂


  4. I waste so much time looking for things in my small house. I sit down and ask myself “well where would you have thought to put such and such and item?” Doesn’t help. Often it’s something I really don’t need and have no purpose for, but because I suddenly remembered it, I have to find it. I agree things ought to be used and appreciated. I once offloaded all sorts of stuff by having a “bring and buy” sale. The money went to an orphanage in Dhaka. Your photos are great.


  5. I’ve come to the realisation that forgetting where things are is fine; it’s when I forget what they’re for I’m going to worry. Go splosh; we don’t get as much mud in London as in the country but what we do get is there to be enjoyed and mostly attached to Dog’s undercarriage. As for the grief thing, I’m not sure about healing. With my mum, the passing of time has overlaid the hurt with new experiences but, then, out of the blue the coating opens up and the rawness extrudes. It happens less, but it’s still capable of reminding you. I think, all things considered, I prefer that to it going completely but each to their own.


  6. I was so hoping for names. Headbanger music and club dance music could be anything. What would you prefer? And what did your partner prefer? I feel music is situational. My hubby and I have a stationary bike and I will pick a class with music I LOVE, but as I am trying to pedal to it, I realize that while I LOVE it, it is not good cycling music. So I may listen to headbanging music to clean the house, but maybe club music to cook.


  7. I love that you can go back to these things without pain now, and muse at how different you were in some ways. I’m but sure which people need to be ‘played’ and not sit in the corner collecting dust! I can guess you might be one of them. Dust yourself down Gary and head out to play! It sounds like it might be time ☺️❤️


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