It’s still muddy.

In fact a bit more muddy.

Very tempting to 76 month old puppy.

76 MONTHS. This PUP was born in the week Hawklad’s mum passed away. Isn’t that a sobering thought. Why does 76 months sound so much longer than 6 and a bit years.

Stuff has changed in those 76 months, yet other stuff is still the same. Still walking these same muddy tracks. Still trying to figure out the parenting gig. Still trying to juggle things while still trying to pay the bills. Still spending far too much time having conversations with myself. Still not get enough sleep. Still fighting the school system. Still getting post addressed to Hawklad’s mum. Still getting those feelings of guilt. Still getting those pangs of anger. Still feeling like life is on hold.

But yes, some stuff changed. 74 months ago a Mad Pup walked in and that is just about the best decision I made in those 76 months.

Any excuse for a puppy pic….

56 thoughts on “76 months

  1. 76 months…you’ve been through so much, my friend. I absolutely adore your dog and family. He is beyond precious and I know, gives such unconditional love! I’m so happy you and Hawklad have him! 🐾🐾💕💕💕

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  2. Natural things and the way we see ourselves seem to change less often (well, apart from the climate change crap), than how we see others and the life we find ourselves in. My children have changed so much over the years and developed into such individuals. My core me doesn’t seem to have changed as much as the lives I’ve lived so far, for I’m sure I’m a cat, 🐱 for I’ve lived several lives 🐈🐈🐈🐈🐈 and nearly lost them, all within my short lifetime.

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  3. He is adorable. Our dogs make so much difference in our lives. Whether they are being the good dog, or the Captain Chaos. My husband has been gone 70 months, I still get mail in his name also. It hurts.


      1. No. That much is very true. My husband was a long haul truck driver so he was gone more than home. His health was not the best and he was in and out of the hospital several times. He kept telling me, seemingly on repeat, that he would die first. For at least two years he would constantly bring it up, telling me that. When he did die, it still caught me so off guard and left me in a state I would have never thought possible. One that even now, nearly six years later, I still have not made my way fully out of.


  4. OMG, what a cutie 💖
    76 months are such a long time. Only thinking about the countless things that have changed in my life. On the other hand, I understand that the time stood still for you in a way while at the same time, things changed too.


      1. Next to what you know I had moved out and back in with my family. It was the toughest time from 2017 to 2019 I ever experienced. Most of all because I regretted every moment I was not with my children. But it was necessary to experience it on many levels.
        Big hugs, Gary💖


  5. That is a delightfully adorable photo of your pup, Gary. I know it doesn’t feel like much has changed in 76 months but a lot of progress and growth and love has transpired in that time – with thanks to you.


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