Just deleted the first attempt at writing this post. A nice, positive, happy post about School – NOT. For some reason I found myself writing far too many words with like #@#!ing or #!¥€ed or #@it. Words probably that would upset even the most relaxed Profanity Filter.

Must think relaxational music and meditational poses.

OK. Talk school another day when I’m just a little less like a seriously grumpy Honey Badger, let’s just say it was almost my Hulk Smash moment as a result of the School Parent Evening.

Time to talk Pets….

I have been conducting extensive scientific experimentation into the eating preferences of a mad dog. Everyday for 2 weeks I have put three types of food on his plate

Dog Food

Mince or Chicken (used to hide his hay fever medicine)

Cheese (used to hide his yucky dog medicine).

The results are clear. Every single time he scoffs the cheese and indirectly, medicine first. Then it’s demolish the mince or chicken. Finally and reluctantly he picks at the dog food. Clearly Captain Chaos has become a cheese monster, maybe he’s been watching too much Wallace and Gromit.

AND watching Wallace & Gromit is way more uplifting and constructively educational than Hawklad’s Useless School could ever be.

25 thoughts on “Cheese Monster

  1. I suspect we’d get a similar result. I tried a bacon egg toast experiment today. Bacon was far ahead, but then toast which surprised me but perhaps explained by the butter addition. We should be PhD students…


  2. The big battles and little victories right? You just have to appreciate whatever your achievements are. Glad the pooch gave you a win. Gather strength where you can, since the education war is never-ending.


  3. I must say that I admire your dedication to writing. I’ve been quitting and rejoining writing for a long time, and despite your mood, you’re still writing and expressing your ideas. It takes courage to be that transparent and to strive for positivity regardless of how you feel on the inside.

    Cheers to being a hero and have a great rest of your week! 🙂


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