Thankfully looking in the opposite direction to School

School is school.

School is so school.

School is so 😱😱😱😱ing school

Support from school seemingly dwindling away. A school report that had more gaps and missing information than a Donald Trump Tax Return. But at least I had booked video slots with each teacher on the Year 11 Online Parent Evening. A chance to get feedback, to give an update on how Hawklad is doing, to plan the next few months. Teachers spending time with every parent… well all apart from one parent.

Ok….. 20 minutes from the start of the first online teacher meeting and then an automated email from the booking system…

Our meetings had all been cancelled by School……

The reason from the Head of Year

They (some of his teachers) are concerned that; because they have not seen him in school for a number of years they do not have a great deal of feedback for you.

😱@🤦‍♂️#ing unbelievable

For a start the teachers have made no effort to contact him in two years, it’s been us trying to chase them. Hawklad has been diligently completing every piece of work that appears on the online school system, sending his work in, completing every single piece of homework that appears on the system, completing the tests and papers. He’s been doing that for two years. I’m sorry but the teachers should have more than enough feedback on that. The only conclusion is that most of his work has not even been looked at by school. The blanks on his report, the lack of any teacher marking on his work provide further evidence of that. Plus surely a teacher would want to know how one of their students is doing if they are not able to see that pupil in person. What’s going well, what’s not going do well. Find out if there is anything they can help him with.

Apparently not……

So where does that leave Hawklad apart from having a school that doesn’t care. A school more than happy to pick up his state funding and then reallocate it to other budgets. A request for external support to be funded from his education funds was turned down just two months ago. The Head deemed that it wasn’t a priority for his limited budget..

So the Award winning School is down to one job now, arrange Hawklad’s exams, exam location and invigilators. That’s a nightmare to organise as a parent in this country. Even with that job school had to be forced into doing that, they clearly were considering not enrolling him for the exams. I’m trying to find out if they have even bothered talking to the Exam Board about Hawklad’s unique circumstances.

His education and exam preparation will be without school support. If school do try to help then it will be a bonus but we are not holding our breath. I will try to find ways to get him a place at a college which does not rely on these upcoming exams. If I can then I will give Hawklad the option of not sitting the exams. He really could do without the additional anxiety that this process is already starting to heap up on him. He is also at such a massive disadvantage in these exams compared to his classmates, almost like he is being set up to fail by school. Set up to fail not because of his abilities or hard work, but because he doesn’t fit the education system.

We are just 5 months from the final exams. Hawklad wants college as the next step forward in September. Maybe college in person, maybe home based. It’s all about helping him get there. Whether that’s via these pesky exams or through a Plan B, we shall see.

School doesn’t matter. They have failed Hawklad.

Hawklad matters. That’s the key.

47 thoughts on “Ok…

  1. I hate that y’all are dealing with such as this. Its difficult enough simply living in these days, to add issues on top of it, is unnecessary and wrong. But I and those who follow along here, trust that you’ve got this. No matter what plan you have to go to.


  2. Outrageous. No-one should be treated with such callous indifference. I was thinking of you yesterday as I read a news article which stated that here in the States the shortage of teachers is such that children may have to start educating themselves.

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  3. Unacceptable! Do any of them have a conscience? So sorry for the epic failure of the system. Keep blazing the trail for future children who may be in this circumstance. You are doing worthwhile work!


  4. I’m so sorry Gary. I feel your frustration and anger. The school has failed Hawklad and are not even trying. Thank goodness for you and for never giving up on Hawklad. He is the key indeed. And so are you.

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  5. I’m so sorry 😢
    I’ve had a similar, but not nearly as extreme, situation this past week. My youngest has not done well in his mock GCSEs … at all. He struggles, I’ve tried to talk to school for the past 5 years .. they can’t engage him but he’s bright! Same old same old. I’ve had so many responses suggesting we do more at home, we ensure he accesses additional lessons (of which none have been offered) … I work full time, I can’t ‘sit’ on him 24/7 and I’m not a teacher. I’m his mum. I want to be his mum. I’m exhausted with failing at it all!


  6. Yes, so true. It’s not about school. It’s about Hawklad, and I know that his biggest supporter is working so hard to see that there is a way forward for him. You both can do this. Not all paths meet a dead end. ❤❤


  7. So, read your post about struggling to learn methods etc, so look out for formula sheets that, in subjects such as science and maths, are available again this summer. They are not great, but they do reduce memory…partic I think in physics.
    Can your school use any catch-up funding (we still get funding for maths English and science I think) to provide individual tuition?
    Plus, if you’re ever completely stuck drop me a line. I’m great at maths and have kids who are fab at science and essay writing.


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