Once again Hawklad was puzzled.

“What is the point of this. Will I ever need most of the stuff I’m having to learn…..”

Not much…..

Not much at all…..

Parrot fashion, trying to cram in formula after formula, memorising orders, big words, diagrams, tables, definitions.

Today it was all about learning how to calculate half-life’s. Memorising the charge, mass, ionisation, equations for alpha, beta and gamma radiation. Trying to force in the ways to calculate SIN, COSINES and TANGENT, apparently learning the abbreviation SOHCAHTOA helps with that 🤦‍♂️😱. Then it was trying to memorise chemical formula for the production of photosynthesis, respiration and I don’t know what. Finally it was trying to have a photographic recognition of the teacher annotations for various random love poems. If I see any more references to enjambment or anaphora then I’m going to scream and I’m not the one trying to learn this rubbish.

What is the point.

So when Hawklad asked, ‘Did you learn anything from school that you could use’, what could I say.

Could I honestly say lots to set me up for life then. NO. Why are we doing this to our children. Is it for them or is it for others.

I remember one glorious Chemistry A Level lesson when we spent a lovely sunny afternoon outside while the science blocked was made safe after a gas fume leak. For some reason the Fume Cupboard had failed as we undertook some mind numbingly boring experiment, so we got the rest of the day off. Bart Simpson would be so proud if some one had pulled that prank off.

So did I learn anything from school, YES.

I learnt how to disable a FUME CUPBOARD. Now that proved really useful, I just wish Hawklad could find something similar.

63 thoughts on “Fumes

  1. We used to think the same😊 . But we do get to learn that in life we do not always get what we like. And it is good to learn to appreciate what we get. I know it sounds very philosophical 😊 but life would be difficult for us if do only what we like to do.

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  2. My school education did nothing for my BSW degree beyond teaching me how to read, which was 1st grade, though I had already been reading for two years before that.
    If Hawklad is interested in a career in science higher math may be necessary, but being a rock music reporter doesn’t, neither does being a sports reporter, both worthy professions..

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      1. As I tried to say, w8sdom is more necessary than knowkedge.
        But just jow did you return your comment within mere seconds of me pisting my comment? It sdemed .ike it was there in the same instant! You are quick!


  3. I’ve always thought it could be useful to evaluate a child by its talents and the possible pathways that may be entered. Such specialising could be quite relevant; albeit difficult in practice when considering the numbers of children, the specialist teachers, etc.
    As for maths! I didn’t do well in that subject and yet became quite adept at ‘accountancy’ in years to come!
    That said: I didn’t do history at school, here in Australia; yet it has become something in which I love to delve.
    It’s a difficult problem to solve. Some will excel in one subject, whilst others wither and die.
    I was ‘dying’ with you!


  4. Same. I didn’t need to use anything I learnt from school either. I learnt more after I left school by having to live the life.
    I used to question too. Especially the maths stuff like algebra or something else complicated that only if you are going to work as a scientist would actually come in use. But any other job it doesn’t.

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  5. I do wonder sometimes about some of the things we stress about at school that end up not making much of a difference in life.

    I do like the schools the focus on the practical and pragmatic life skills. One of my favourite classes in high school was “Personal Life Management.” Now that was useful.

    Hang in there Gary and Hawklad.


  6. This makes me feel I only ever graduated from junior school. Absurd. When I came to the US I had to attend a course called “World Problems” which I passed having gained precisely nothing. It is baffling and since Artificial Intelligence is escalating away from us, what is the point?


  7. Hang in there. The thing I realize about school is yes, there’s a ton of unnecessary memorization, but every now and then something I learned actually becomes useful. Like hearing a story about an Indian who hurt his foot and became named SOA KAH TOA because he had to soak a toe. (I’m severely abbreviating the story). When I went back to college a second time (because I finally figured out what I wanted to do in life) and had to learn spherical trigonometry used in celestial navigation, that little story came right back to me along with those definitions, a full decade after high school graduation (and far too much partying in my twenties). Do I use celestial navigation in my life these days? No, but it was a skill I kept up while deep-sea shipping (it’s required). I’m sorry school is still a bit of a nightmare. You’ll both get through.

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  8. I wish Hawklad could find something useful also. I wish teachers would consider adding something fun to some lessons. I’m sure teachers have to remember their own schooling and how tortuous it was. When will someone figure out how to promote lessons that give our children a love of learning rather than a dislike for it? Why don’t they get rid of all the useless crap? Oh I know why, then they wouldn’t have enough to fill a school day. Sheeesh!


  9. I think it will always be a matter of individual perspective of what we take away from school. For me l took away my love for writing and l developed that further.

    Many of the skills l acquired l already had, but school was the discipline that allowed me the sav to hone them further. I learned to be organised and how to understand resourcefulness and the management of that.

    There is more to schooling than many think, although in order to benefit, you have to be there – as Hawk is not, his learning is greatly diminishied in the realms of the use the applications will be to him outside.

    I am on the spectrum with Aspergers and l can relate to some of what Hawk is going through, however times were different when l was growing up in the 70’s and the 80’s plus l had abusive parents who knew not nor cared for autism. At least your son has you who understands autism.

    The biggest thing l took away with me from school was being with people and communicating with others and and understanding that learning is lifelong.

    On a basic level l took out mathematics and science and art and creativity.


    1. He really has missed out on that social aspects of school. I just hope he can catch that up at some stage. His last school got him better. For example where they could they let him get up when he needed to. This school it’s immediate penalties if he gets up during the lesson.

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