Still no snow has shown up at our little hilltop village. It’s getting harder apparently to get the perfect conditions for snow in this part of Yorkshire. But just thirty minutes drive and we can get into the Moors. These Moors do get snow….. So a couple of weeks back we headed over to get some of that elusive white stuff. Night time is perfect, Hawklad gets the place to himself.

It’s only a short drive but you do feel so far from civilisation. No school here. These places are so special and wow the night sky. No light pollution.

This is what this looks like during the day and much later in the season. Perfect.

Perfect location for wonderful literature like The Secret Garden. The Secret Garden’s themes of rebirth and healing, we could all do with some of that.

As we wandered across the snow covered ground with just the light from our head torches to illuminate the way, it’s much easier to forget the trials of the day, well at least for a few moments. The school journey isn’t going well……

Minimal support, so it does feel like it’s a never ending fight against the system. What’s crystal clear now is that school has only given us access to a fraction of the course material over the 2 years Hawklad has been away from the classroom. With just a few months until his final school exams and he has so much to do just to catch up never mind revise. I genuinely fear that there is just too much to do in those few months. He simple isn’t going to get a fair chance in those exams through no fault of his own. He so wants to start college in September, to take the next step. Why is this so hard. Why is the system seemingly so keen to write him off without given him a chance.

Just a few moments walking across the desolate moors, forgetting all this, it does feel good. Sadly that feeling doesn’t last long enough. Two weeks on from that snow adventure and this schooling struggle is just getting harder and more frustrating. We could really use another snow adventure, find our own SECRET GARDEN.

29 thoughts on “Secret Garden

  1. Believe in Hawlad, Gary. He knows more about the world than most school children his age. He will do his best, and while he may not get A’s or 90+%s, (however his exams are marked over there) most college subjects are not dependent on what kiìs learned in scuool, unless he goes into the sciences. He will find his own place to fit.
    Do you know where his education goals lie? Help him get there. He needs you supporting him now, more than ever before!

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  2. I am so sorry that the school struggles continue. The Secret Garden is a wonderful story and I hope that period of healing and rebirth happens for you both as well. It’s very unfair how the school system is treating you and Hawklad and I hope the stress subsides and that you both pull off a win in the upcoming exams. Hang in there, Gary. 🙏

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  3. It’s good that you are so close to the moors. How wonderful it must be at night and how peaceful. It is unbelievable how badly you have been treated by the school system and there must be many others who are in the same situation. A disgrace. Your strength and fortitude as well as your sense of humour will carry you through.

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  4. I sooo wish the education system would get their act together! BUT Hawklad will still shine! You are raising an amazing young man. Prayers you can find a Secret Garden of your own and for strength to keep pressing on!

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