Still cold…..

Hawklad never fails to surprise me, to catch me off guard.

He was watching The Simpsons – during school time. Oh the bad parenting 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣. In my defence, if school sent some work then Hawklad would do it…….

The Simpsons mentioned Vice President Walter Mondale and off Hawklad went, educating his often bewildered Dad. I found out about all things Mondale and then all things President Reagan. Details of Reagan’s landslide and even direct quotes from the campaign. How does he know all this stuff, how can he know the exact number of electoral votes Reagan received. I was so out of my depth with Ronald, now if it was the other Ron, Mr Weasley, then I would be much better informed.

Then the icing on the cake.

“Dad, we need to watch a Reagan movie….”

Wow that would be a first for me. All I could remember about Reagan (prior to my new in-depth briefing) was my mum quite liked him as a movie star but she could never watch his films. Dad hated him, no idea why, but Reagan was banned. So to mums thumbs up and to Dads rather choice Yorkshire scowls, it’s time to go all Reagan.

Never saw that coming on this cold Yorkshire day…….

40 thoughts on “Ronald

  1. Hawklad has hidden talents. If he can’t find a sugar momma to support him in his coming years, he might find great employment as a fact checker for a London newspaper.
    But the sugar momma is the better choice, by far.

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      1. My first response was “OH NO!!!” Keep him out of the political fray because it’s toxic! But then, my thoughts turned to … well, he’s a smart kid with good values … maybe, just maybe, he could make a difference!


      2. Sigh. That seems to be true, just as is our Congress, or at least half of it. Still … we need the next generation to step up to the plate and make things better in both our countries.


  2. Hawk lad is obviously exceptionally bright . It’s proof that he can educate himself . I think a time is coming when teachers as such will be a thing of the past . I never liked Ronald Reagan as actor or president. I am impressed that Hawklad could provide so many facts!


  3. I’ve seen bits of Reagan in old films. HATED him as a president (though not nearly so much as tRump). His wife, Nancy, was running things as his mental health declined (widely known but not admitted till long after he left office). They consulted astrologers – though their infuence is unknown.

    In the early 90s there was a comedian who performed “First Ladies as dogs”. I can’t find it anywhere but have never forgotten Nancy Reagan as a skinny uptight yappy dog!


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