Sometimes it sneaks up on you.

You think you have it cracked and then your nice clean shoes land in the muddiest of puddles.

I was shopping today and I came across a special offer on Jam Donuts. I immediately grabbed a box and thought ‘Mum will be pleased, shall I get her a second box”. Mum loved these and she most definitely loved a special offer. But then the realisation. She is not here anymore, she hasn’t been since 2016.

Definitely one of those unexpected muddy puddles.

Then another muddy puddle.

A few hours later I saw a trailer for ‘A Wonderful Life’, it was on the TV soon. I headed towards my mobile to phone mum. She loved that movie. Then the realisation. She isn’t here anymore.

Stepped in another muddy puddle.

Those muddy puddles seem muddiest during holiday or special occasion time. Maybe you get more muddy puddles to step in. Yes times like Christmas do have a habit of throwing those curve balls, most definitely when your on the grief journey.

If you do stand in one of those muddy puddles, your not alone. We can do this.

68 thoughts on “Muddy Puddles

  1. I believe that our departed loved ones can show up in our thoughts and memories much stronger around holidays. They remind us of good times, good food and a warmth that only they could bring. Buy the donuts and watch the movies and feel the glow, let it flow over you for that is what they would want. Bless you and others missing folks.

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  2. Our loved ones who have passed on still care for us. Sometimes, they reach out and shine a light on the path we should take. If the puddles had happened to me, I would have thought that Mum was trying to tell me something – perhaps something along the lines of …find a way to do something you love.


      1. I wish I had one letter from my Mum, but I have none. However, I do have a box of small things she loving boxed up for me to have and everything is written in her own hand. There is also a handwritten note for all of us at the end of her Will. That was my undoing and it broke my heart. I miss her so much and my Dad. too, but take comfort knowing they are together again.


  3. I definitely understand, and as Christmas approaches, I seem to have a bunch of muddy puddles around me and misty eyes. I miss both my mom and my dad it certainly has been a long time since they are doing the Christmas Waltz in heaven. It has been five years since my husband and soul mate passed and I am alone in this world. However, to help me navigate those muddy puddles this year I have three cats. I wish you and yours a very Merry Christmas!


  4. A muddy puddle is a good analogy. I get that feeling about my grandmother sometimes, or my cousin (I had a cousin who died from leukemia at age 8. I was 10 at the time. I used to sneak chocolate chips from my mom’s pantry and we would eat them together when he was 6 and I was 8).


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